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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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Best Buy email reveals AT&T’s HTC One X to launch on May 6

Best Buy email reveals AT&T’s HTC One X to launch on May 6

Yesterday we learned that the HTC One S for T-Mobile USA is expected to launch on April 22nd and now we’re hearing that AT&T plans on launching the HTC One X on May 6th. According to the story, a Best Buy customer who pre-ordered the AT&T HTC One X at his local store received an email late yesterday, stating that the expected release date has now changed to May 6th. While there’s no mention as to what the previous release date was, we’re glad to know we finally have something to circle on our calendar.

As always, don’t be surprised if we see new rumors come out which dispute the May 6th release date or even push it back a few more weeks. HTC and AT&T have been tight lipped about the release of the HTC One X in the US market, but we’re hoping we will hearing an official launch date directly from them within the next week or two.

That being said, AT&T customer can always order the quad-core Tegra 3 powered HTC One X from Amazon or a number of other online retailers. Are you going to wait around another month or two for AT&T to launch the HTC One X or will you take matter into your own hands and purchase the “One you have been waiting for” on your own terms.

Source: Android Central

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