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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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HTC claims ‘something fast’ will be discovered on Sunday at Mobile World Congress

HTC claims ‘something fast’ will be discovered on Sunday at Mobile World Congress

Let the countdown begin! HTC have just sent out a short message on twitter which reads: “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.” the message was accompanied by an image of a generic handset with the number 5 on the display. With the HTC One X and One S expected to make their world debit on Sunday evening in Barcelona, we’re definitely looking forward to discovering “something fast.”

We could read into the message a bit as well and not take it at face value. The number five could be referencing the number of cores included in the Tegra 3 chip that will power the HTC One X, it could be an indication that we will see five new HTC devices unveiled at Mobile World Congress or even a mystery phone with a five inch display. Who knows?

We could sit here and speculate for hours, but we have a gut feeling that it’s simply a countdown until HTC’s press event on Sunday night (which would fall on day one) when HTC will be unveiling the new HTC One family of devices. HTC’s press event will kick-off at 8:30pm CET. We’re not expecting HTC to leak any real details about their new lineup before then, but we’re expecting another teaser tweet tomorrow from HTC.

Stay tuned.

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  1. DROID Sam

    I say there will be five devices, a 5-inch tablet phone (like the Galaxy Note) with HTC Scribe pen. I know there’s no rumors to back any of this up, but a guy can dream cant he?

  2. arthur

    to all the dutch people: @MWC_HTC is going to blog about HTC next sunday! live!