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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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20 service providers already lined up to offer the HTC Endeavor

20 service providers already lined up to offer the HTC Endeavor

We’ve been excited about the HTC Endeavor (HTC Edge) for months, but it now looks like carriers are getting an itch for the Endeavor too. News from DigiTimes reveals that Vodafone, Orange and eighteen other service providers have already placed orders with HTC for the new Tegra 3 powered phone. HTC has always had incredible support from carriers in Europe, but we’ve keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that US carriers are on that list as well.

From what we’ve seen with the leaked RUU of the HTC Endeavor, we’d expect the phone to pick up another name before it makes its journey across the Atlantic. There are currently no indications that any US carrier is in talks with HTC about offering this phone in the US market, but if HTC will be reducing the number of different devices it will bring to market in 2012 they probably have already had discussions with all major US carriers.

What carrier do you hope the HTC Endeavor will coming to this spring?

Source: DigiTimes

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  1. Noel


  2. Drew

    I’m waiting for Sprint to pick this bad boy up!!

  3. marian jones

    I am a current owner of the HTC Thunderbolt. I love my phone. I have learned that this device does not support Itunes. I really would like the capability of utilizing Itunes games and other products on my phone. Because I don’t have this capability, I am seriously considering switching to an IPhone. Is HTC planning to allow Itunes to be downloaded onto their devices in the near future?