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HTC Source | August 26, 2016

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Verizon readying a maintenance update for the HTC Rezound - HTC Source

Verizon readying a maintenance update for the HTC Rezound

Verizon has released a document detailing an upcoming update for the HTC Rezound.  I know this isn’t the Ice Cream Sandwich update we are all waiting for, but hopefully this update will alleviate some stress from those experiencing the issues mentioned.

We do not have any details regarding the release of this latest update for the HTC Rezound, but we’re assuming that handset owners will start receiving update notifications within the next few days. The update includes:

Device Features

  • Baseband update to version and Software update to version 2.01.605.11
  • Updated signal strength meter to 5 bar Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI).
  • Resolution for Screen Timeouts when connected to WiFi.
  • Resolution for Mobile Hotspot data stalling when multiple users are connected.
  • Improved audio quality during calls.
  • Reduced force closes related to the People application.
  • Improved device stability reduces continuous resets.

Email, Messaging, and Data

  •  Resolved issue with Task Manager stopping Mail background service.


Let us know when you get the update and how it affects your phone.

Source: Verizon via Phandroid


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