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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC Rezound possibly a GSM global phone?

HTC Rezound possibly a GSM global phone?

Some Android fans over at xda-developers have confirmed what was found recently hiding inside the HTC Rezound, an unannounced GSM radio.  When looking at the ability to turn LTE on or off in the phone, one UK-poster noticed that “global mode”, “WCDMA only” and “GSM only” were also available to select.  He then inserted a T-Mobile sim card and found he could place and receive calls without issue.  Data connectivity and the ability to receive texts with the Rezound were also verified.  Unfortunately, regardless of the ROM used, the handset was unable to send texts.

Looking at the Verizon product page for the Rezound, you will notice that the phone does have a Qualcomm’s MSM8660 processor.  This processor ships with WCDMA/GSM and CDMA radios which could make it possible to work on carriers around the world.  Hopefully in the near future we will get some sort of confirmation from the folks over at Verizon.

Amazon recently starting to sell HTC Rezound for $79 on contract so now is the time to renew your phone or add another line.  The HTC Rezound is a great phone, and if Verizon officially confirms it as a global handset, the $79 you pay makes this an absolute steal.

Do you think Verizon will officially announce anything regarding the Rezound and its global capabilities?

Source: The Verge and Android Authority

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