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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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ChevronWP7 handset unlocking comes to a halt

ChevronWP7 handset unlocking comes to a halt

A little less than two months after ChevronWP7 started offering official Windows Phone unlocking tokens from Microsoft for only $9, the service has seemingly gone dead. The issue is that the people behind ChevronWP7 have run out of their allotted 10,000 tokens and have not been in contact with Microsoft to request more.

Unlocking 10,000 Windows Phones in only two months is certainly an amazing feat and a real bargain for consumers since they only other official way to unlock a Windows Phone is through Microsoft’s AppHub which costs a staggering $99. Since most of us are not made of money, we hope ChevronWP7 picks is the phone and requests another 10,000 tokens from Microsoft.

Microsoft isn’t involved in our discussion yet. And they can’t provide us with more unlocks because we haven’t asked yet. If we do request more, we’re sure Microsoft will respond positively – as they have in the past.

Source: WPCentral

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