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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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VOIP on Android and IPhone – A User Perspective

VOIP on Android and IPhone – A User Perspective

According to the technology and business experts, the most striking thing about the technology is ‘constant innovation’. Every other day, a new technological solution, creative application and highly valuable process comes into limelight and serves a particular niche. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are of the same nature, as they have also been evolving over the years. Read the history of any internet phone service provider company, over the past 15 years; there has been a significant growth in the number of listed service providers, customers, marketed applications, and more importantly in the quality of services.

Previously, when the concept of VOIP started, it was only taken up as an alternative or competitive to the traditional telecommunication or cellular technologies. However today, you have an option of using the VOIP technology on your Smartphone devices. You can see that, due to the race of becoming number one choice for the customers, the Smartphone developing companies are offering new apps, software and many more downloadable features, which you can install and use.

In this regard, there is a stiff competition in between IPhone and Android. Generally speaking, there are many confusing theories and hypothesis about the Smartphone devices and their apps, particularly, with reference to their adaptability and efficient functionality with them. If you compare the case of VOIP and other downloadable applications on Android and IPhone, you will come to know that most of the users will be in favor of Android.

This preference is not a biased one and is endorsed by the user experiences and feedback. There is no doubt that the quality of applications and variety on the Apple store is not only great but also highly innovative. However, third party applications do not get the same treatment on IPhone. This can be understood by the example of an ideal computer, where you can download nothing but can use only what has already been installed on that.

Just like, you cannot customize your browser and are compelled to use internet explorer. So, if you want to customize your phone and get your desired applications on that, Android would be a better choice. Particularly, when it comes to the usage of VOIP and other technologies, you need to know that Android gives you customization facility and greater freedom as compared to other smart phones.

There are many VOIP applications that you can install and use such as Axvoice, and enjoy the experience as the users of the Skype and other VOIP services. Remember, the main advantage that Android has over IPhone is the quality of services and adaptability to the third party applications.  Hence, when you are to compare and buy the device that you aspire to use, prefer Android over IPhone.

However, if you do not find any problem with having restricted to the built in or ‘home applications’, you can use IPhone as well. The primary decisive factors will and should always be your functional requirements, usage patterns and taste. Whichever device these factors favor, you can go for that.

About Hannah Carpenter

Hannah is a freelance writer who loves everything Android. She used to work for a magazine but discovered last year that she can make a living out of working freelance for clients over at oDesk. In her free time, she likes practicing Karate with her 3 brothers.



  1. Chris Alonzo

    Right now, mobile VoIP phone service has become very popular among the US VoIP consumers. The fact is majority of the mobile phone users in USA as well as around the globe don’t have any access to the voip compatible mobiles. This is why, I don’t think the future of mobile voip is as bright as we are expecting.

  2. It’s very strange article. Maybe I’m mistaken but think this is a sold article.

  3. Bill Stern

    I don’t agree that. As we all know, prices of mobiles are coming down. If we keep in mind the last few years prices of mobiles, we can see how quickly mobile prices come down. I guess within the next 3-4 years, price of iphones, Androids and other voip mobiles will be very low.

    • I guess the real issue is that there are very few “good” VIOP options currently on the market that work exactly how you need them to. I think Google should evolve Google Voice and make it a true VOIP service which could allow users to actually ditch standard voice calling features that they pay for each month.

  4. Brett Schneider

    I completely agree with that. Within the next few years, iphones, androids and blackberry prices will come down and every one around the globe would be able to buy such mobile phones. To me future of mobile VoIP is really bright. Hence experts definitely need to keep working on this technology to improve it further.

  5. I totally agree that voip is a must these days especially to those businesses who has branches abroad or have outsourced to expand their business.