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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC Radiant to be the world’s first Windows Phone with 4G LTE?

HTC Radiant to be the world’s first Windows Phone with 4G LTE?

Today, there are no LTE enabled Windows Phone devices on the market. HTC has always been known for being a leader in the smartphone segment. They created the first smartphone before anyone even know what a smartphone was, they made with first WM5 phone, the first WM6 phone, the world’s first Android handset, the first Nexus phone and the first Android 4G phones on all major carrier. It’s like a tradition.

So we’re sure you wouldn’t be surprised is we told you that the HTC Radiant (rumored to be the world’s first LTE enabled device to run on Windows Phone) is set to launch in early 2012.  Individuals “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” have informed The Verge that HTC and Samsung will be releasing new LTE Windows phones in early 2012. This is not the first time we heard about the HTC Radiant as it was spotted in HTC’s trademark documents in the first half of this year.

While no specifications for the HTC Radiant are available, it is said to be very similar to the HTC Titan and is suspected to ship with a pre-Tango version of the Windows Phone.  No official carriers for the device have been announced, but I suspect that Verizon will be first among those receiving the phone.  The vast Verizon 4G network and current lack of Windows Phone options will make the HTC Radiant a welcome addition to the Verizon Smartphone library.

What carrier are you hoping receives the HTC Radiant?

Source: The Verge via HTC Hub

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  1. spectremANDROID

    SPRINT…. Even though I’m fully aware that they have dropped the ball on LTE.