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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Will your HTC phone be updated to Android 4.0? Here’s what we think

Will your HTC phone be updated to Android 4.0? Here’s what we think

UPDATE: 08/15/12: Check out our predictions for HTC’s Android 4.1 update strategy

UPDATE 02/09/12: The official HTC Android 4.0 update list now includes three more phones with the first updates being scheduled for delivery in March.

UPDATE 11/7/11: HTC has announced the first wave of phones that will receive the Android 4.0 update. Did you phone make the cut?

At HTC Source we like to write about all the new phones that HTC is working on.  There’s nothing more exciting than hearing about a rumored device for the very first time or watching those first hands-on videos of HTC’s devices right after they’re unveiled.  The problem for us and most of our readers is that we already own HTC handsets or tablets and can’t afford to upgrade to the latest and greatest device every few months.

While it may not be as sexy or exciting, the news that really affects current handset owners typically revolves around system updates which can add new functionality to our devices. There’s no doubt that most of you have already seen all the amazing things that Google has packed into its latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update. We wish HTC could bring the latest update to all of its Android powered phones, but there are a lot of phones which will not make the cut.

HTC announced last week that they want to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to as many handsets as possible, but we know that quite a few devices will be left behind due to hardware limitations or low sales numbers.  So what phones will be updated to Android 4.0? HTC isn’t quite ready to release that information, but we’ve done a little research of our own and have come up with a few different categories that we think could best describe each handset’s upgrade possibilities.  Keep in mind, this categorization is pure speculation on our part, based on our knowledge of HTC’s system updates in the past and the hardware specifications of each device.  Don’t come crying to us if HTC decides that your phone will not be updated to Android 4.0.

HTC phones that should get the Android 4.0 update

If you’ve purchased a new HTC phone within the past twelve months, chances are that your phone will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich.  Our intuition tells us that the first phone’s in HTC’s lineup to get updated to Android 4.0 will be their dual-core equipped devices like the HTC Sensation, HTC EVO 3D, and the HTC Amaze 4G.  These phones have enough memory and processing power to run Android 4.0 with ease.

The second batch of HTC phone that should be updated to Android 4.0 are those powered by Qualcomm’s second generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor. This category includes the original T-Mobile myTouch 4G, HTC Desire HD, HTC Thunderbolt and the recently launched HTC Rhyme. The specs on these phones may seem a little outdated compared to those of the upcoming Sensation XL and other devices currently on the market, but they are all comparable in performance to the Google Nexus S which will be getting its Android 4.0 update in the near future.

Other phones we believe are powerful enough to run Ice Cream Sandwich are the different variants of the HTC Desire Z.  This list includes the T-Mobile G2, HTC EVO Shift 4G and the HTC Merge.  The Desire Z and the Desire HD made their debut at the same time last year, but since the Z’s processor runs at a slower 800 MHz they may be less likely to get the Android 4.0 update.

HTC phone that will not get the Android 4.0 update

If you own a phone that’s already been mentioned above, you’re probably feeling good about your handset’s Android 4.0 update prospect. But what about all the other Android powered phones made by HTC? Surely HTC wouldn’t abandon phones like the HTC EVO 4G or the DROID Incredible. Unfortunately, those who own a phone with a first generation 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor may want to start looking around for a new phone.

Even though the EVO 4G and the DROID Incredible were trend setting devices, they are powered by the same chip found in the Nexus One – the same phone which Google has deemed “tool old” for an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.  HTC may try to prove Google wrong and show how their older phones can in fact run Android 4.0, but HTC always chooses stability and overall usability over having the latest version of Android.

Things look even bleaker for HTC’s mid to low-end phones like the HTC Salsa, ChaCha and even the brand new Explorer. These phones have only been on the market for a few months, but their slow processors and limited internal memory will most likely force HTC to keep the phones running Gingerbread until the phones are killed off.

Check our list below to see if your phone will make the cut and be updated to Android 4.0. Again, we’d like to remind you that this information is based purely off of our knowledge of HTC phones and how HTC has updated their handsets in the past.  HTC is expected to announce the first wave of Android 4.0 upgrades within the next week or two. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any new details that come our way.

What are your predictions? Will your phone be getting Android 4.0?

Phones that will get the Android 4.0 update Phone that won’t get the Android 4.0 update
  • HTC EVO Design 4G (Hero S)
  • HTC Sensation (all models)
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC myTouch 4G Slide
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC Incredible 2 (S)
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC myTouch 4G
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Merge
  • HTC EVO Shift 4G
  • HTC T-Mobile G2
  • HTC Desire Z
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • HTC Status (ChaCha)
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Incredible
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Aria
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC myTouch 3G Slide
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC myTouch 3G (Magic)
  • HTC G1 (Dream)
  • HTC Salsa
  • HTC Legend
  • HTC Explorer

About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. curtis

    Is it possible that HTC might go all out and announce when sense 3.5 will roll around and how would that help or hinder ICS?

  2. Wow awesome! Hope my HTC Desire HD will be updated soon

    • Daniel Koivisto

      My HTC Desire HD runs Android 2.3.5 and HTC Sense 3.0 now, but I really hope that it will come a update soon. This cell phone is quite clear older than HTC Wildfire S, but seems to be more powerful

    • skkully

      me too

  3. Daverk

    Why can’t Google release updates a bit quicker? Also, Htc need to tighten up Sense for Desire HD ,keeps foreclosing.

    • Daniel Koivisto

      HTC Desire HD will be keep up with the development for a while, because it has a lot of things that are not exceeded than. If HTC gives up the Desire HD they will give up more than half. Only Sensation and XL are faster than HTC Desire HD

  4. raj

    can i update my HTC Wildfire S With Android 4.0 update

    • jatin

      I also have this phone and the fact is we cant………………..:(

      • Adam

        seriously? no wildfire s update? are you 100% sure? thats depressing, good job im getting a sensation XE soon

  5. Nadig

    My chacha is working great on gingerbre. I am not at all expecting ICS update. But looking out for 2.3.4 & 2.3.5 update to my phone. When can I expect these updates.

  6. BRyan

    When u include the desire hd does that also include the HTC Inspire 4G? please respond

    • Eva34

      The Desire HD and Inspire 4G are the exact same phone. Yes

  7. butchyon

    That’s OK, HTC. My original HTC Droid Incredible was, and still is, a great phone. I’m still using it since my pre-ordered arrival. But, HTC/Verizon still has not delivered on an OTA update to Gingerbread that was promised over 4 months ago! They apparently just have not been able to make it happen.
    But, it’s time for me to update to Verizon’s awesome 4G LTE network anyway, and you can be sure it won’t be to another HTC phone. The OS upgrade support just isn’t great with your phones. So, it’s gonna be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as soon as it’s released for me!

  8. opticron

    The nexus one is not being upgraded because of the lack of internal memory. ICS takes nearly twice the storage space that gingerbread does. It’s processor is more than capable of running ICS. Any phone with 512mb or less internal memory will not be upgraded. I have no idea what the lower limit is.

  9. martuh

    You haven’t mentioned HTC Wildfire S. Do you believe it will be updated?

  10. Tanks

  11. Arijit

    I hav a HTC wildfire s and it’s not mentioned anywhere??? should i try out fr dis update??

  12. Simon

    HTC Desire Z, aaaaaaaawww yeeeeaaaahhhhhh

    and also you spelled “HTC Deisre Z” on the list…just saying

  13. The original HTC Desire has a more powerful processor than its brother, the Desire Z.
    So surely the original is more likely to get updated?

  14. can we update android 4.0 to HTC Wildfire S…………………….

  15. @Khairul the HTC Desire has a 1GHz Qualcomm S1 processor (same as the EVO 4G, DROID Incredible and Nexus One). While the 800MHz processor in the Desire Z is clocked slower, it is an S2 processor which delivers roughly 50% more performance power than the S1 chip.

  16. Michael

    It says the HTC Inspire 4G and the HTC Desire HD will both be getting the update

  17. Very bad that HTC explorer is not getting the update :'(

  18. Anyone knows when that update is going to be available for the Desire S

  19. ahmed

    Hi i got htc desire hd upto date 2.3.3 i got abroblem my cam does not work when i go to it it was black screen with out any thing and i can not go out just by bassing the home button plz halp me

    • I’d give HTC’s tech support a call. This shouldn’t be happening.

  20. John

    HTC desire……………….oooops; wont be updated….Not a problem will treat like I did with Lenovo……..If they dont support NEVER buy the brand again and make sure everyone knows……especially since i convinced my Education Lecturer colleagues…..Trouble is we are on a 24 Month contract whilst the technology runs at 9Months to 12 Months…….Wife has a Galaxy s and is already up to ICS and auto update brilliant support! what can I say NO HTC Desire support and should it happen later in 2012…Her NOW

    • I’d double check your wife’s phone. Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S will get a new update that will introduce ICS features without actually updating to ICS. There are currently no phones on the market that have been updated from Gingerbread to ICS by manufacturers.

      The reason the HTC Desire will not make the list is because the phone has limited internal storage which can not fit the base Android 4.0 build on it.The specs for the HTC Desire are identical to that of the official Google Nexus One which will not be updated. If Google can’t do it, I doubt that HTC could make it happen.

    • You’re going to quickly run out of manufacturers if you’re going to place that criteria on them. With every manufacturer creating their own custom theme, it already puts a setback on the update cycle – not to mention if they have custom versions of the default apps, plus any other unique apps that manufacturer chooses to include. At the end of the day though – if any device is going to get an ICS upgrade, it’s going to be one with Google’s name on it – as that’s about as stock Android as you can get.

      I also suggest taking a look at any possible upgrade deals your carrier may have. For example, mine (AT&T), also does 24 month contracts, but they give an upgrade discount every 12 months. I got my Inspire 4G 6 months ago for $80, and in another 6, I could, if I chose to, get a newer device for about the same price. Granted, it starts the 2 year contract over, but the advantages are obvious.

  21. Cider

    @John – Never use the brand again? It’s not the fault of HTC that the Desire doesn’t have the technology to support ICS; the contract duration set by your provider isn’t their doing. You have to accept that mobile technology is moving at an incredible pace and your 18month old phone simply cannot keep up with the latest OS; HTC will do all they can to keep their hardware at the cutting edge, and if that means their previous generation handsets are left behind then you’ve no right to be complaining. If you want the latest tech then you’ve got to pay the price; don’t expect HTC to peg back the advancement of their range in order to accommodate your budget, as the other brands certainly will not be doing so.

    • John

      Thanks for that Cider. Here a thing that gets over looked……..I have a draw full of ex phones….ready for recycling. Problem is the way in which this world is gathering so much contaminated no recyclable technology (at expense of $ and also the environment) is NOT sustainable. Granted the technology has to be paid for ; Maybe an idea would be to charge me for the up date which may include the sustainable method of having a mother board update – So HTC and I do the right thing for the environment – similar to how VW conduct their business – When you need a new door – They seek out a recyling replacement first before letting you have a new door.

      The way in which 2 years contracts are attempting to be the norm is also NOT sustainable either! Change is good; But the environment is Best!

      • The trouble is, that despite the environmental impact (which may – or may not – be as bad as any other electronic device, that from an economical standpoint it’s entirely sustainable. On top of that, if the last decade has taught us anything – technology is just going to get more disposable. As long as such technology continues to advance at such a pace, and as long as people want the latest and greatest, the cycle is going to just keep repeating itself – and quite possibly get shorter.

        Thanks to the cycle of carrier discounts, and the fact that every day someone is eligible for such an upgrade discount, which means manufacturers are constantly creating new devices, it’s entirely possible that, at some point, mobile devices will boast similar performance to PC/consoles.

        Sound hard to believe? Think of it this way. The average lifecycle of a game console is 5 years. These systems are what the majority of game developers build for. The lifecycle of any device is about a year. That means, more or less, that the mobile device has the potential to increase performance at a rate of 5 times that of a game console. Now, toss in the fact that currently, there are games that have been ported that run fine on 6 month-old devices. These games were released for gaming consoles and PCs a mere 9-10 years ago. At this rate, it’s theoretically possible that we could be playing current generation (Xbox 360/PS3) game titles on a mobile device in a mere 3-4 years. .

  22. prabhu

    hi im using htc wildfire s. my phone will upgrade android 4 or nt? plz tel me w suggestion..

    • Arentino

      No my friend, our phone can’t be upgraded to the Android 4 🙁

    • Any HTC phone with 512MB of ROM or less will probably not be updated to Android 4.0

  23. G6Buggatti

    yeah buddy!!!! i thought my inspire 4g was going to not update!!! THANKS YOUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. gy5jwye6kke8u

    bag pula in mata

    • skkully


  25. Eric

    I think it is ridiculous they get you in these 2 year contracts where it costs you an arm and a leg to get a new phone until after your two years when they are coming out with a new much better phone pretty much every month.

  26. Chris

    HTC Desire HD shall be receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update? any thoughts on how it may run with the new update? smoothly?

  27. Andreone

    Wildfire S non sarà aggiornato??!!??!!
    Basta HTC mi ha proprio deluso adesso… Ero un gran sostenitore di questa casa ma è ora di cambiare!

  28. Vahid se

    Hey ! What about htc incredible s with 1gig of processor & 1.1 of Rom ?

  29. ajith kumar

    i am having htc salsa 2.3.3 plz i want 4.0 update plz help me

  30. dev ghotra

    Woooo m so happy HTC DESIRE HD

  31. tommy

    ummm i’ve been around for a long minute, my first device was an adp1.. I had no choice eventually to get a new device when my “precious became outdated” now I own a Nexus One am sad to hear that I won’t be receiving 4.0.. I never have been all about custom ROMS and or ROOT access, but my device does run 2.3.6 Gingerbread stock. I received it a little over a month ago after pressing *#*#checkin#*#* and if anything it has messed with my wifi and pinch to zoom.. I certainly hope Google at least send me some sort of update to fix known issues with the latest known issues that fellow N1’s have received!

  32. wot about hd2,
    you didn’t mention it in both lists (who will get & who won’t get)

    waiting for your response

  33. Irfan Yousaf

    HTC ChaCha.. 🙁 :'( :(((

  34. Emily

    When are these updates coming out? I have the Inspire/Desire HD, and have been waiting for the ICS update.

  35. paul

    Woooooooooooooooo! Desire Z is likelly to get an update! EXCELENT!

  36. Nick Chimento

    Will the myTouch 4G Slide for SURE get the Ics update? I love HTC but they dont show to much love for the myTouch line.

  37. zarak

    Why does htc explorer not support ics? and will it ever be able to support ics?

  38. kevin wm

    When will ICS rollout to the Sensation?

  39. Kate

    I sure hope that the myTouch 4G slide does get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich … i can’t wait for it.

  40. jaymin

    can i update my HTC g2 with ice cream sandwich version ???

    • jaymin

      yupiiiiiiiiii…. i will get 4.0 in future…. but may i know on which date i get may update??

  41. krishna

    what about HTC INCREDIBLE S
    will my phone get ICS??

  42. Vahid s

    Krishna ,they mentioned incredible s too , incredible 2 (s) , yeah sure desire s & incredible s are same as each other specially their performance if desire s can so what about incredible s!, Probably you can update it to ICS , Don’t worry.

  43. Vahid s

    Does any body know , when htc release ICS Sence for mentioned models of htc phones?
    hope to answer me soon

  44. treva

    Thanks for the great article I still own myTouch 4G and good to hear it should be updated. One thing that cracks me up though is like my self people get so excited waiting or wondering when phones will be updated. We just pretty much got Gingerbread last year so to have a new OS almost every year is good cuz we don’t get new microsoft windows OS every year it’s every few years. Also they not gonna update you to quick because then you won’t won’t to get a new phone.

  45. I have htc chacha but cont video call from my set and only 160 mb
    Builton memory if i download any software which cannot move
    In sd card i face more problums even i connt see my call history
    pl tell me how can i upgrade it thnx

  46. kush

    Am using HTC incrcridable S with android 2.3.5 and HRC sense ver 3.0; how cam u upgrade it to andriod 4 (ICS)?

  47. Patty :D

    how sure are you about the ICS update for the HTC desire Z ??, please answer

  48. SeRaG

    then what about chacha ,,, !!!!! ?????
    i think that is the worse thing htc do it :S

  49. Vahid s

    the htc brands like desire s , desire hd & incredible s will receive ICS update on april 2012, so don’t worry about it and don’t change your phone 😉

  50. sasanka

    please update HTC incredible s to android 4 :))

  51. Wind

    I have Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and Samsung Galaxy S2, so I have 2 questions:
    1) What the hell am I doing here?
    2) Will my phones get 4.0 update?

    • prashil

      i like your 1st question…..

    • Wypierdalaj

      yes, they will.

      • nicomo

        nice nick – bit insulting if you know Polish – but still funny 🙂

    • suhail

      yes u can but u need hi speed inter net connection up to5mbps

  52. Joe

    I have got a HTC Desire HD, can anyone pls tell me how to upgrade it to the Ice Cream Sandwich

    • Adam

      You most likely can’t yet Joe. If, it does become available for the Desire HD it depends on your carrier when it will get released

    • jay

      u can receive on notiofications u can upgrade

    • Tim

      Hi Joe, if you or anyone else reading this is still having trouble with the firmware update then follow the steps below↓:

      1. Ensure that your phone is liable for an update, do so by looking at the device list above.
      2. If so then you’ll need to perform a scan to check for an update.
      3. To do this: Go into the ‘menu’ of your HTC.
      4. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ (Click this).
      5. Look for the sub section titled ‘About Phone’ (Click this) held within the device ‘Settings’.
      6. Scroll down (if neccesary) untill you locate the headder ‘Software Updates’, (click this).
      7. Click ‘check’, this will then search for the correct update for your HTC mobile device.
      8. Now follow the on-screen instructions making sure you read carefully though the license agreement and other importante details.

      (This may be slightly different depending on the firmware and type of your htc mobile device)

      ~ Tim

      • Bad Code

        I have HTC Desire HD too, but it have still android 2.3.5 and if I search updates, result will be: no updates. What I should do?

  53. joe

    my carrier? who or what is my carrier? If its got anything to do with the network am on, am not currently on contract, will I still get the upgrade?

  54. James

    Will my phone, (what US Cellular calls the HTC Hero S) get updated?

    • Tim

      Yes it clearly states that it will in the first column on the first line brackets above

    • Jonathan

      Yes please, 1.2 gig possessor, gig of internal memory. So Y not. Ps i clocked my possessor at 0.8 gig may be because of “blout ware” I don’t know but it would be awesome if we could uninstall the unwanted preinstalled stuff. I have been a loyal HTC fan but if I don’t get a upgrade to fix some issues and bugs, I think I will look somewhere else. I want my 1.2 possessor to be one… Or have I been fooled… If so never again… And i may pass the word

      • Jonathan

        Download CPU benchmark ( good tester ) n see if your 1.2 gig possessor clocks put at 0.8 gig, I tryed it on my desire (both apps all killed on both phones) and it clocked correctly (1 gig) so my old phone is faster? Yes it is my desire ran smother on 2.2 bit of had less blout ware. What’s up with that?

  55. KEO-LINA

    i was looking any Website to download android 4.0 to upgrade my HTC Desire HD but i can’t get any reason ! so what i’m going to do ?

    • Mo

      I’m sure that when the update will be ready, HTC will inform you and supply further information or links on their website. As far as I’m aware its not ready yet, I’m still waiting for one for my desire z.

  56. jonathan

    When will it be out for my touch 4g ?

  57. David

    Do i need to move to Android 4.0 ?

    I have an HTC HD2 T-mobile running and old version of MS Mobile. and I will like to knowif i move to Android.i will loose my word, Excell and Powerpoint applications ‘

    Certainly I´m not an expert, just a user of the HTC an excellent mobile I´m very glad to have one for over three years.

    The only problem that I note is that I cannot watch Flash when I use my browser
    I try several options but .Not way

  58. Jesus

    Hi, MyTouch 4G Slide owner here. Wondering if it still might get the official ICS update? I know you predict it should get it, but I’m not too sure; any news? I hope it does because i really love my phone but i hate have an outdated phone.

  59. emily

    Will the HTC ChaCha get the android ics update?

    • Aymosh

      NO 🙁

  60. Simone

    if someone is angry with htc about choice to not update Desire Z to ICS can submit this petition! 2200 people had submitted! come on guys!

    • Jonathan

      Scorpion 800 m.h. possessor may not ne able to handle it. Sad but true

  61. AkKA

    hehe GO HTC DESIRE HD go update 4.0 ice :X:X:X 😉 I love htc

    • vinoth

      i m not getting update in htc desire hd. wat can i do pls tell…??

  62. phil

    I have a HTC hero for one year. I can tell you in all honesty that I think this phone is a piece of JUNK!!! I will never buy another phone from this family of phones or my mts dealer for selling me a out dated piece of SHIT!!


  63. dave epps

    Hi I’ve heard that my HTC sensation xe will be getting updated but when and how will this happen ?

  64. piyush

    wt abt htc chacha ??

    • piyushsuthar


  65. chris

    Erm.. any other way to upgrade HTC explorer to ICS?

    • Tim

      No mate their isn’t I’ve been looking and their isn’t going to be an official update and currently no way of bypassing this yet as their is no root avaliable to my knowledge.

  66. Matt

    I have the desire hd but when i gonna have my update?

  67. piyushsuthar

    I have upgrade my htc desire hd 2.2to4.0

    • Minhal

      Really .. ?? Dude I Thought The Upgrade Was Not Available On HTC Desire HD

    • Adeel

      @piyushsuthar , Is 4.0 released officially for DHD?

  68. chaitu

    Will HTC chacha atleast be updated to Android 2.3.5
    Can anyone tell me by when ??

  69. Ashish

    Will the HTC salsa get the android ics
    Please tell me if salsa is getting a new update to 2.3.5 , since from the last update my phone is not working properly .

  70. Bas

    my htc wilderfire s is only 1 month old and i am beyond pissed off to get to know that i will not be able to upgrade to android 4.0 guess what, fuck the android, God bless Apple,i will get myself an iphone and throw this piece of shit. thank you

  71. dheeraj

    i have brought new HTC INCRIDIBLE S can i update android 4.0 ice cream sandwich in my phone…..

    • haroro

      Same problem here…I just bought same as you but don’t know how to update android version 4.0…currently I’m using version. 2.3.5

  72. Ronak

    what about htc wilfire s ????????????? when & what will be the next update ??

  73. Leo

    When will the Deire Z (A7272) get the update to 4.0 ???

    • Mo

      How long is a piece of string?
      HTC will inform all who can get the update when it is ready.
      I too am waiting for the update and I often check their website for information.
      I do wish they would show at least a roadmap for updates of all devices so we all had some idea and expectation.

  74. Morten

    Wildfires S is not getting 4,0? That sucks, cause stores around in Denmark are still selling that for more than 2000DKR (355,69$).

    Thats stealing!

  75. moe

    When will android 4.0 be available fot htc desire hd ?

  76. Ziv

    What about the original HTC desire? It’s got also a snapdragon processer.

    • as you know already [ i guess] , NO desire wont get,sorry. DHD Will

  77. Paul

    Ive go the HTC, but everytime i check for a software upgrade it says im up to date, and im still stuck on ver 2.3.

    • Paul

      correction. i have the HTC Desire S, which is one of the phones eligible for the ICS update. So im curious as to why im still unable to update.

  78. Tim

    Why don’t people read the article? Then there would be no reason to ask STUPID questions when they’ve already been answered. And if you don’t trust this source then keep scanning for a firmware update.

  79. Sam

    I have an HTC inspire and its “android version” is 2.3.3. I checked for updates in the setting and it says that it is up to date! What happened to 4.0?!

  80. ankit jain

    I am using HTC salsa ,I am using gingerbread 2.3.3,how to update 4.0 icecream on HTC salsa

  81. Jesse

    Fuck HTC i bought a Wildfire S for the 4.0 update but it won’t get it

    • Ronak

      Same Here & it really SUCKS !

    • Hamza

      Me too bought it so will update it to 4.0 ice……. Now am thinking I should have gone for used google nexus which can be upgraded….. Rather than brand new htc wildfire s……

  82. HTC Explorer Owner

    Shame That They are Abandoning the HTC Explorer it is a brand new phone and they already are not servicing it

  83. spencer

    The best thing about Android is you can chose a lower priced less equipped android for budget or go for one that cost more and better performance. That said do some research before you buy one that has less potential! It clearly boils down to if the one you purchased is even capable of running the newest software, as a matter of fact I.c.s. 4.0 needs a front facing camera to run the way ment.
    My old HTC phone never got past 2.2 because of memory limit and I knew it. You get what you pay for most all the time.

  84. arif

    Htc Desire s günceleme bekliyoruz.

  85. aidin

    How about Sense 4.0?? Will these phones will be updated to Android4+sense4??

  86. sara

    himmm , i cant upgrade my htc xl .after downloading when i will install it , shows phone is shuting down and then display shows a phone with an alert sign ,and i cant do any thing just i have to remove its battery to use my phone again please help meee
    thank you

  87. susanna

    Hi there, Ive been reading the reveiws and I was wondering if someone could help me in regards to which is the best HTC phone to purchase on pay as you go that won’t cost me and absolute arm and leg. I’m going to be new to HTC and Smartphone. I was looking at buying Wildfire S because thats was my price range but after reading that i won’t be able to upgrade I don’t to be think its going to be worth my while as I’m hoping to not have to upgrade for at least two years. I apperciate anyone who takes the time to answer my query.

    Many thanks


  88. Gilmour

    why is it that on wildfire s is going the be un avaliable thats bull shit man fuck htc

  89. Bryan

    Htc ChaCha you forgot on the list for non updated phones.

  90. Harry

    If you google it The HTC Desire Has a working ICS port already

  91. Malik

    hi,,,this is malik…..i have an htc desire z..i want to upgrade it to 4.0 ice cream sandwhich..Since i was searching an ics rom and its step by step procedure installing of ics..iwas not able to find out any roms on web…please help me….please,,,

  92. k.santhosh

    when will htc explorer will get android 4 version update orelse it wont get plz response sooner..

  93. andrew

    Sorry to steer of the topic but has any used this company to unlock i need my HTC phone unlocking

  94. Octavio

    when you exit the update for the HTC Inspire HD?

  95. suraj

    i want ics for htc explorer

  96. brad

    I have the htc chacha, so now im annoyed, think i will get the htc one S

  97. my htc explorer have Android os 2.3.5 then I click on software update there are no update found?….

    • bad code

      Same problem here… In Finland perhaps? I think 4.0 is regionally released. Plus my DHD is Dick on 2.3.5 even there is higher thn that. :c

  98. bad code

    Sry (my phone modify my text agen) so ” …DHD is stuck on 2.3.5 even…. “

  99. Zvi

    I have an Htc Legend. I understand I can’t Android 4 however is there a way to upgrade to 2.3 or better?

  100. Robbie Wildfire S

    My HTC Wildfire S just downloaded update 4.0… Except it would not install. Why?

  101. bad

    My htc desire HD are still in ver 2.3.5 :’/ no updates

  102. Manan Jain

    I am having HTC Desire Z with Android 2.3.3 installed. Not getting any further updates. Plz help how to get ICS update for my phone.

  103. sathish

    I having HTC Wildfire s. I having a small confusion. A New HTC explorer coming with android 4.0, but wildfire s is better then explorer why this not having android 4.0 version.

  104. Umesh Patel

    Please say how to Android 4.0 version install in my HTC wildfire s mobile

  105. any one cant introduce android 4.0 for HTC Wildfire S and other phones like HTC Explorer etc introduce as fast as posible for htc wildfire s i have purchased wildfire s in past 2 weeks i want to upgrade it to 4.0 it has 2.3.5 android pre installed because 2.3.5 dosent support games like temple run,wheres my water etc

  106. satyajeet pawar

    tell me?hw to update anorid version in htc cha cha?

    • aditya patel

      I have same problem and os android 2.3.5..

  107. OmaR shokry

    Upgrading HTC Desire S to custom Android 4.0.3 ICS ROM 🙂
    go to link and have fun :

  108. Rahul Jain

    Why d HTC WILDFIRE S is nt up gradable 2 Android 4.0 ??? :(:(

  109. Thanks for sharing this list.. HTC explorer could have got ICS..!

  110. Zarbab

    🙁 ahhhhh… ICS for my HTC legend

    I’m still stuck with “froyo”

  111. Tayyab Asad


  112. I have used HTC wildfire i have update my phone any suggestion?

  113. Maris

    I have HTC Desire Z, and I think for this model there won’t be Android 4. Only way is to set it manually, but maybe this model can’t handle it. Processor power is too low

    • nicomo

      My HTC Desire is having screen issues since my two year old sat on it 🙁

      However, I think if Google wants to win BIG they need to bring out the next version of Android to replace 2.3.x If the vast majority of old phones could run the latest Android on a smaller amount of physical memory and do it more efficiently then a whole lot of people are going to be happy. I’d love it if this killer version of Android was nicknamed Apple Crumble 😉

  114. Khine Nay Win

    What should I do with my phone,Wildfire S?It can’t be updated to Android4.0.It is bad.Should I throw it now?

    • nicomo

      Why throw away a perfectly good phone?

      It works and does what you want it to do basically. There’s nothing wrong with the version of the OS on it at the moment. On a more modern phone Gingerbread would zip along a lot faster than ICS.

      Wait is what I would say. I’m sure Google or someone out there – perhaps even htc will release a far more efficient slimmed down version of an Android OS that will breathe new life into a lot of old phones/tablets using Gingerbread.

      If you’re desperate buy a new phone or visit the xda website or Cyanogen and try installing a ROM from them – but bear in mind ICS may slow down your phone not necessarily speed it up.

  115. mitko

    Имам HTC wildfire s и не получавам актоализации!Може ли да ми помогнете как да си update android?

  116. topmartin9

    please help:
    i have htc wildfire with android 2.2.1 and I want a new version………


  117. siddharth

    I want to update my htc chacha in 4.0 ics version..plz help me that is it possible or not…????

  118. Ranjit

    Here is the way to Upgrade your HTC WildFire to ICS …

  119. Mohamed Esam

    My phone htc Rhyme don’t get update to ICS please help me Tanks

    • Muhammad bilal

      mohammad esam, did you get your phone updated then ??? if yes, then by which method ?? please reply am anxiously waiting !

  120. suresh

    my htc salsa doest update to further verdion. plz help me

  121. suresh

    plz update my htc salsa version

  122. sony

    Help me to upgrade my htc explorer to ice cream sandwich

    • aarish

      Root your phone and install custom rom on it, there is a android 4.2 rom available for htc explorer.

  123. shahrokh

    what about chacha ??

  124. Tolu

    i want an ICS or Gingerbread update on my htc mytouch 3g slide plsss, and i need help rooting it too!

  125. hamed

    what about htc chacha ???

  126. S P

    hey budy, i use htc amage 4G. i want to update my shell. so give me suggestion. plzzzz

  127. Biswajyoti

    I am having HTC Desire Z with Android 2.2 installed. Not getting any further updates. Plz help how to get ICS update for my phone.

  128. Biswajyoti

    I am having HTC Desire Z with Android 2.2 installed. Not getting any further updates. Plz help how to get ICS update for my phone.plz

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  132. Khashayar

    I have Htc desire s what should l do to update it
    Please answer me…………………

  133. Moses

    Please I have HTC Merge with Android 2.3.4 and I want to upgrade the OS to 4.0.3 can I download the zip file and then install it directly.

  134. afsar

    hi i`m using htc explorer its was update or not 2.3.5 to 4.0.1

  135. Lalit Bhalerao

    i have htc explorer and it atill have no update of android 4.0.4 i.e of ics. please help me to update mu phone

  136. Mckayla

    HTC Hero S and still on 2.12 :/

  137. maria

    Hi m using HTC legend version is 2.2 how I update my phone to 4.0 version plz help me

  138. maria

    I want to update my HTC legend its version is still 2.2 I want 4.0 version plz help me out

  139. Bademosi Niyi I Niyidrums

    Please whats the download link to andriod version 4.o for htc rhyme?

  140. Many thanks to the Fantastic Contest. Would enjoy to win!!

  141. Moni

    i have htc chacha, how can i update it to 4.0 version.???

  142. HTCnoDO Thebestforme

    My Hero S didn’t get ICS, and it was one of their newest phones at the time. Still stuck on 2.3.4. Help please? Why did sprint and Boost get ics and us on US Cellular didn’t?

  143. mayank

    how to apgrade android version my htc chacha

  144. Cecilia

    Hey there! I downloaded the ruu files and started the upgrade but it got stuck for 30mins while in the meantime the phone disconnected from the sync manager. i tried to start it again but it still would recognize the phone. Oh i got a htc rhyme btw. Currently it says that my phone is locked and doenst show any other options byt RUU (it has the factory reset layout). help please!!