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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Android app review: App Manager Pro by JRummy16

Android app review: App Manager Pro by JRummy16

If you have been looking for that perfect app manager that will do everything you need it to, you have come to the right review. App Manager Pro by JRummy16 may be one of the best app manager on the Android Market

App Manager Pro is really great if you have root access on your phone. You will be-able to backup all your user apps and even all your system apps with app data. That means market links and all your data you had with the apps will be restored if you decide to port them to another phone with root access. A big feature is with this app you can uninstall system apps silently. A push of a button and its gone. You are able to move apps from the phone to the SD card and clear application cache.

Even with no root, App Manager Pro is pretty amazing. You are able to still backup all yours user apps, but you lose the ability to save the application data and market links.

I really like App Manager Pro. It helps a lot when you are a flashaholic and need to keep your apps backed up. I have used App Manager Pro so many times in the past week, a definitely must-have app for root users. The part I love about this app is the themes, It’s nice to see an app manger that allows for themeing. JRummy16 went the extra mile with App Manager Pro to make sure that users would enjoy its UI in addition to its functionality.

Even though I enjoy App Manager Pro and believe it is one of the best apps on the market, there are a few things that I think it could use to make it better. I know it’s a app manager, but the ability to backup all your user data ( SMS, MMS, Contact, etc.) would really be nice. Combining application backup with user data backup would make App Manager Pro even better.

The biggest thing is this has more functionality than Titanium Backup Pro and half the price of it. You can pick up App Manager Pro in the Android Market for only  $2.99 – definitely well worth the money. A free version of App Manager Pro is also available, but it does limit some of the app functionality.


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