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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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“Mango” Gets Some Developer Update Testing! Should Roll Out Soon!

“Mango” Gets Some Developer Update Testing! Should Roll Out Soon!

This week is slated for the start of the Windows Phone Mango rollout, and while Microsoft talk about a worldwide deployment, WindowsPhoneNZ is reporting an update that seems somehow to be a test of sorts. Seems that Microsoft is sending out a small pre mango update, testing in New Zealand, one that fixes any of the provisioning that developers applied installing the Mango Beta versions.


Microsoft is applying a fix that will mean that developers that have trialled the Beta version of the OS, do not have to roll back to NoDo, to receive the Mango update. This must be a limited rollout for testing, as both my phones show no sign of an update as yet.

What I am calling ‘stage #1’ of the Mango rollout is the ‘Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Cleanup’. This has started rolling out already. See below for the screenshot for this update for our HTC HD7

In what may seem a covert move, Microsoft is moving to keep developers on side with a test process, that fixes the problems that they fore saw with updating from the Beta to the release version of Mango. The rollout of this cleanup has gone no further than New Zealand at the moment, and also seems to show the extent of the lengths MS will go to, to smoothly roll out Windows Phone 7.5. At this stage there have been no other reports of this pre update update hitting devices other than in New Zealand. There’s an expectation that some carriers like AT&T in the US will have Mango rolling out some time today. Basically we have some testing going on, and I wonder if overnight I might receive a similar notification. Here’s hoping. Take note though, this is not the consecutive seamless worldwide release that we thought we would see, it’s still a wee bit fragmented.

Via WindowsPhoneNZ

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