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HTC Source | December 16, 2017

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Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Rolls out in the Home of HTC!

Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Rolls out in the Home of HTC!

Apparently if you live in Taiwan, there will be no over the air update for your Windows Phone, via Zune or any other means. You have to run down to your local HTC dealer right now, and get your phone flashed to Mango. Initially the Mango update is available for the HTC Mozart, and the HTC HD7, obviously the two carrier supported devices on the island. [Being the home of HTC, you might think there would be a larger range.] or they can download the RUU’s and update independently, obviously a hidden link at this point. From what we are hearing, there is no Asian language support for the update through Zune at this time, and that’s why this alternative flash option.

File designations are respectively

– RUU_Mozart_S_HTC_Asia_WWE_4.06.707.00_5.69.09_RELEASE
– RUU_Schubert_S_HTC_Asia_SEA_WWE_4.05.728.01_Radio_5.69.09.29a

This is indeed a different way of doing things, but it all supports the dates that we have been hearing about for the release of the update. So as the time zones roll on around the circumference of the world, down here in Australia, I might get my Mozart some real Mango soon. Just know it begins Smile

Via MobileTechWorld

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