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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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T-Mobile HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update now available

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update now available

The T-Mobile HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) update is now available! T-Mobile has started rolling out the software update starting at noon today, but don’t be too worried if you have not received an update notification yet.  The Mango update is being initially being rolled out gradually to make sure there are no issues with the update.

Some of the new features in the Windows Phone 7.5 update on the HTC HD7 include Local Scout, Twitter and LinkedIn integration, Bing Vision, multitasking, and a hands-free voice experience.

If you want to make sure you get the update as soon as possible, we suggest you use the instructions below to check for the update manually.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap about.
  4. Tap More info.
  5. OS Version will show the current software for device.

Keep in mind that the Windows Phone 7.5 update for the HTC HD7 will need to be installed through Zune.  If you have not used Zune in a while, we recommend you open it up and download the latest update since it does take a while to download and install.  The last thing you want is to get your update notification on your phone and then spend 20 minutes updating Zune before you even get started.

Source: T-Mobile Support

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  1. chris

    the update is awsome no problems yet hope none happen

  2. michael

    Just update mines and it works perfectly. But my gf’s hd7 hasn’t got the update yet… What do u guys think is wrong?

  3. ashley

    i tried the force, and, of course, it didn’t work. tmobile has given out the update to what seems like everyone but me. wth is the hold up? how do they decide who gets it when? i bought my stupid phone the day it was release, and it seems like im going to be the last one to get the update.

  4. Franklin

    um my htc hd7 can’t find this update….are you sure there is an update?

  5. Kristopher

    Have not gotten mine yet but glad to see i’m not the only one waiting, very excited.

  6. Orybel

    The update is awesome my phone today finally said there was an update so be patient =D

  7. jp

    im jealous!! i want my update now!!!! 🙁

  8. g

    husband got his update yesterday still waiting for mine–so jealous

  9. Aldo Jefferson

    I want my update too I just got my third hd7 from insurion today I cant wait for the update and Also for the Bulldozer cores to come out from AMD too

  10. Audrey

    I just forced my update late night and it seems awesome so far. I still dont know how to download custom ringtones tho. Wassup with that?

    • behroz in iran

      سلام کیر تو کس مادرت.جنده.بیام اونور همتونو میگام تا بدونید کیر ما ایرانیا چطوره.کس کشا.ما عاشق ایرانیم.دوستان برنامه بلوتوث hd7اومده بچه ها نصب کردن.اگه داشتین برام بفرستین به این ادرس

  11. James Loveridge

    I have an HD7 on O2 and still haven’t got the Mango update. I finally found my cable to plug into Zune and it says there’s no updates. what can i do?

  12. Lee

    10/13 Still no update, I mean come on we pay 100 plus dollars a month can i get my update already?

  13. carlos collado

    can some one please help me with this stupid update im getting kinda mad my phone wont update please email me if you can pleaseeee helpp

  14. George

    Why does it say my phone is up to date when i still have 7.0 >_<

  15. Ryan

    How do you “force” an update? I’m still waiting on mine as well…

  16. tracy

    How do i update

  17. chris

    This is really dumb why cant I get my update on my HTC HD7?! Hurry up T mobile! this is ridiculous

  18. Patt

    FOR REAL I too am waiting for this update that’s like dragging ass.

    some body save me

  19. Patt

    Still havent got it..waiting

  20. Patt

    furthermore this twitter is fake..,


  21. LaShay

    My husband and I have the same phone on the same account. He got his update 2 weeks before I got mine. According to what I was told the update was rolled out gradually so that not too many people are updating at the same time. Be patient, folks, the update will come….and you can’t force it…you have to wait for your phone to tell you that it’s available to you.

  22. Bruised Lee

    just updated my HD7 to Mango last night…didn’t see update notification on phone but when connected to Zune, it notified with new phone update.

  23. abdulrahman alsadi

    dose new ver. support arabic language?

  24. Angela

    JUST updated my husbands HTC HD7, and immediately following the update, his camera won’t open! I noticed it while playing with the new features, tried to use the bing visual scan and that went to a black screen. So I went to open the camera directly and it tries for a second and blinks right back to the screen you were on. THAT is not good! Anyone else had serious update problems? Any ideas what to do???

  25. tha boss.

    Look people. I know a lot of you are saying that you can’t find it and that it hasn’t rolled out yet. Well that’s cuz thy send them in waves. I have a g2 on android and they sent them out in waves. So altho they say that it could take a couple of weeks to get to you. Just saying. Hopefully that helps you guys.

  26. ashruf

    I Ned release language Arabic HTC since

  27. JE

    Mango might be decent but it has a lot of bugs. I never had a problem with my HD7 until Mango was installed. Now, I get sporadic phone connections. Even though I am showing full signal strength people can’t call me.
    Data connection is now erratic…etc.

    Another Windows blunder…. but yet my bill keeps coming in on time!

  28. masoud

    I had updated my phone but it dicconnet when connect to pc plase help me.?

  29. masoud

    I had updated my phone but it dicconnet when connect to pc plase help me.?

  30. sanjay

    i am having problem with my htc hd7 cam afterr update. when i click some photoes it doesnt store them………… plz help

  31. I want upgrade my too… I want mango HD7 updated now…

  32. Hadi

    Hey guys,
    I didn’t get my mango update yet…anyone of you still waiting or am I the only one who left behind…Infect, I don’t know how to get that update? I mean it will be automatically pop up into my screen when it comes or I need to do research and download and then update…please let me know, I want mango update ASAP. I heard from lot of people about its work and I also want to be a part of its user….If you have any guidance then please email me at

  33. Mustafa

    shall the phone contain t-mobile logal on it ? cause there are some htc hd7 has only htc writen on it

  34. behroz in iran

    Hi,please inestall (download)software bluetooth hte(hd7).im send to

  35. shyam

    myn shows an error 80070002

  36. HD7inGSP

    I currently have T-mobile for my cell service and am using a cheap Nokia unlocked “smartphone” after I drowned my older HD7 in a lake… If I buy an unlocked HD7 from, can I still upgrade it to 7.5 Mango, even if I didn’t get the phone directly from T-mobile?

  37. nana kwaku

    hi i have a little problem updating on ma t-mobile hd7 iv gotten d update notice but i always get an error when updating that a driver needs to be updated anytime it starts to reboot….please help me out

  38. Bull

    I guess everyone is expected to have a computer with windows 7 in order to update our HTC hd7 phone?

  39. my phone cannot update i need a help. its not even showing, displaying black environment, like phonelike showing a cable to connect with pc. can somebody help? the phone is htc t9295 hd7 windows phone.

  40. yusuf

    how do i update my phone windows 7

  41. making life and smart phones easy contact

  42. george N

    How or where do you get the tag ,serial or code Zune ask for if I don’t have a Zune Just a T mobile Htc hd7 with an update available. This is so stupid any advice before this crap goes back to

  43. behruz

    Can’t update my WP the phone don’t find update …(

  44. komolafe komo

    Can anybody help me on update my HTC hd7 7.5 to 7.8 I have try but it keep saying up to date……

  45. chinedu

    I still can’t update!

  46. max

    In fact I can’t even find Facebook at store to download and also my internet signal is E not even 3gp very slow am using HTC 7.5 at&t help me!!

  47. abdul

    Pls my Bluetooth is not working.i keep on updating but my window is still window7 not7.5.pls somebody assist me.

  48. pyruz psychologist in iran

    pardon I need a wahtsapp for HTC HD7 plz help me my email

    • bennybigbanana = download

  49. Please i trying to update my htc wi,dow phone htc7860 pls help me out

  50. Precious Igwe

    MY htc hd7 cannot boot,it will show me phone that want plug to laptop. please what will do to get my phone work again? thanks