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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC Titan price revealed

HTC Titan price revealed

Some of you may still be giddy over yesterday’s unveiling of the HTC Titan.  The WP7.5 handset will feature the largest screen from HTC to date, measuring in at 4.7-inches.  The display’s resolution may be lower than desirable, but if you’ve already committed to sticking with Windows Phone, it’s not like you have any better options at the moment.  The European launch date for the HTC Titan is set for October and now we have an idea of how much the phone will actually cost.  We received a tip this morning from our friends at MobileFun, indicating that their price for the HTC Titan is set at £509.95.  Subtract the 20% VAT and convert that to dollars and you get an HTC Titan which is priced rights around $690.  Certainly not cheap, but what were you expecting for a phone with a 4.7-inch display?

MobileFun didn’t have any new details about the HTC Titan release date, but we’ll be sure to give you an update as soon as we hear something.  So, what do you think of the HTC Titan?  Does the phone live up to its name?

Source: MobileFun

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  1. I have an HTC T-Mobile and it is a great SmartPhone I used everywhere to manage my business and my family connections. It works pretty fast I love my phone. But recently note that there is a new Titan HTC. Certainly i will move because the screen and it is fast almost 50% faster than my T-Mobile HTC.

    Some users does not like the fact about the battery. But I have no problem
    since as soon as I arrive to my office i just insert my phone in my desktop craddle and in addition I have an additional battery that provide some additional time (2400)

    The HTC it is a luxury equipment better than any other smart phone including the Ipod..

  2. Thinking to Buy it. 😉 I Liked 16MP camera 😉