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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC Titan and Radar get their public video debut – again

HTC Titan and Radar get their public video debut – again

The Titan and Radar are HTC’s initial second generation Windows Phones, second gen because they will come loaded with Windows Phone “Mango”, which is the first major update for Windows phone from Microsoft. Yesterday we had confirmation that existing handsets would receive the update over the air via the Zune desktop software, this week or next, and availability of the Titan and the Radar has still not been completely tied to a hard date. That being said, HTC are ramping up their promotional machine to hype the devices with some short sharp videos.

In other news a HTC Radar variant has appeared in the wild sporting a 4G radio, and T-Mobile branding. That’s a real turn up for the books, and bodes well for Windows Phone and HTC in the US market, hopefully there will be a 4G Titan in the works as well. HTC are doing a lot to cover the bases with Windows Phone for carriers in the states, and will be a good ambassador for the OS. The TMo News post has a whole gallery of shots of the 4G Radar, with a look at a lot of the included applications for the carrier. Things are heating up, with Mango expected to roll out to AT&T devices on the 27th. Worldwide, carriers are confirming that they are ready for the update to be pushed out, supporting Microsoft in their attempt at a worldwide rollout, one that truly challenges what Apple can do. There’s probably a lot of confusion as to why HTC have not actually come up with some dual core monsters, rather than devices with a modest 1.5 GHz, and 1 Ghz processor. Windows Phone is GPU accelerated and runs smoothly with these lesser CPU’s. The promo videos below, paint the Radar and Titan as truly prodigious devices, well they impressed me anyway! Check them out below… we get another snappy look, concise and to the point, enough to pique anybody’s interest, feeling tempted yet?


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    get “there” public video debut!? In the headline? Really?