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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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HTC Evo 3D Coming to Telstra!

HTC Evo 3D Coming to Telstra!

Telstra Australia is really hitting some home runs at e the moment, with it’s autumn line up of phones coming up all HTC. The HTC Sensation is available now on the network for what seems a very good outright price of $792 Australian. Of course the Sensation will not be the only dual core phone on the Network, with the Galaxy SII launching on the network today. Although I’m not as excited by that one, it still has the same plastic feel, of the Galaxy S, that doesn’t imply quality to me. The big news is that Telstra and HTC today announced that the HTC Evo 3D, Would come to Telstra. in September. The Evo 3D will be the first of it’s kind to hit the Aussie market, offering glasses less 3D on it’s 4.3” qHD [540 by 960 pixel] resolution screen. It has a front facing 1.2 Mp camera and two 5 Mp camera’s on the back, which can take 3D shots, or 720p HD 3D video. While the selling point of the Evo 3D may be the novel visuals, what powers all that eye candy?

HTC Evo3D_Telstra


Under the hood there’s a dual core 1.2 Ghz processor, 1 Gb of Ram, and 1 Gb of internal storage. It’ll come with Gingerbread on board, and will take a 32 Gb Micro SD card. Also it’s using USB 2.0 tech for faster transfer speeds from a PC to the phone. While it’s not 4G, the phone being made for Telstra will support the 850 MHz range, and Telstra’s NextG [3.5G] network, with speeds of 21 Mb per second down achievable. One of the thoughtful features is a dedicated switch on the side of the phone to enable/disable 3D, so you can operate in normal 2D. Of course it has HTC Sense, the more customisable 3.0 version, and I have to say a much more refined, understated design with some trademark colour highlights. It looks a real tight package.

While I’m not necessarily sold on the whole idea of 3D, the Evo3D is packing enough horsepower, and the right paint job to make it a very desirable phone. Of course it caters to a niche market of early adopters, and power junkies, but as a new generation of phones hit Telstra’s range to carry them through into 2012, will the added 3D be enough to turn heads away from the Sensation? Only time and a release date will tell!

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