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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Confirmed: Microsoft has ditched GeoTrust Verification for Individuals and DreamSpark Students!

Yesterday I got a bit of a bee in my bonnet, about some information posted about changes to the Windows Phone developer registration/certification process. The lack of solid information from Microsoft, an announcement, press release etc, detailing the changes seemed strange to me. as well as the variation in the results when following the link from WMPU, that was supposed to lead to the proof positive of the changes. Most puzzling is the fact that Microsoft has kept quiet about what is a significant change in the developer registration verification process, especially as it has been a constant problem, evidenced with the amount of posts about the issue with GeoTrust in the App Hub forums. I experienced GeoTrust Hell, when I registered earlier in the year, that I only got through with the help of a support request to Microsoft.


So I contacted a few people, and posted a question on the App Hub forums, to see if I could resolve my little annoyance. The answer was

Hi Peter,
The GeoTrust validation process is only required for company accounts now. Students are validated through DreamSpark and Individual Accounts are validated through the your personal and credit card information.
Best Regards,

Ben.K over at the forums went right through the verification process with me back in March, and I appreciate the continuity the forum, Microsoft, deliver on the site. Confirmation then, but my next question would be why didn’t Microsoft tell anyone about it? With Microsoft’s focus on development, especially for Windows Phone, remember apps are part of the key to any mobile OS’s success, anything that makes it easier for Windows Phone Devs to get their apps onto  the marketplace should be big news. The fact that Microsoft have not announced this makes me wonder if it is a tentative trial, or more than that, an attempt to control the number of crap apps, duplicated apps that do one thing for many regions, hitting the market again. I’d still like more detailed responses from Microsoft on tis development, but for now, this is what I know!

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