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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Want a Windows Phone developer device? Just ask!

Further to my post yesterday, more information is coming to light about the rumoured release of Windows Phone developer handsets, with the hardware to support all the new features in the Mango update for Windows Phone. Seems you will have to be a serious developer, and actually have applications published to the market. Obviously, Microsoft is aware that a lot of users have registered to developer unlock their phones, to take advantage of the many Homebrew apps appearing, and registry hacks, that give some semblance of the old Windows Mobile user experience. With mango virtually released via the 7.1 SDK, all devotees of the OS are keen to see what the developer phones will be and with the inclusion of new hardware partners, like Nokia, Asus and LTE, we might be surprised at what dev phones surface. In a tweet @BrandonWatson confirmed

You might be surprised, if you have successfully engaged with the Microsoft Windows Phone team, social networking wise or directly. As to what the devices will be, that’s anybody’s guess. You can expect though a certain number of devices to be released to prominent mobile bloggers, Microsoft being no slouch, did the same thing with the first release, to gain a high profile and good press for the OS. Let’s hope Windows Phone is as important to Microsoft as it is to all of the early adopters that swear by it, to bring as many of these handsets to relevant commentators, so as to properly evangelise the platform.

Via MobileTechWorld and Twitter

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  1. thanks it is a good news for devs