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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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IE9 Mobile test site is now online

While we wait for the next update for Windows Phone, we have seen many features demoed, most of all Internet Explorer 9, Getting a look at what the mobile experience will be like is paramount to most users wish lists. The inclusion of advanced rendering like CSS3 and HTML5 will hopefully make it a more advanced browser, with of course no flash support. While this still emulates Apple’s approach with iOS and its safari browser, dedicated code and no third party plug ins for video. It’s already been demonstrated by Microsoft, and they have put it up against other OS’s, Whilst the lack of Flash support may render some sites unviable, the trend is to steer away from this technology, to avoid it’s battery hogging properties.

We’ve seen the fish tank and some advanced rendering on the phone in demonstrations, and now Microsoft have put up a site where you can test the features yourself, even from your phone. Of course all the features they are demoing will not work on the phone, as yet. If you go to TestDrive from your PC browser, you can have a look at the functionality that will be included in IE9 on Windows Phone.One point to note is that the demo is much faster in Google’s chrome browser, than it is in Internet Explorer, ironic.


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