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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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  1. rhcp6

    Genie Widget too. It is great but I can’t install it with the transparent skin because it’s preloaded…. and that sucks



    HTC starts tu suck like most tech companies.
    I was impressed by the Desire during the Mac anthenna gate.
    Bought the HTC and after one year using it I fell like made a mistake.
    Desire has poor call volume, not great battery life, NO software to sincronize with PC (at least one that works 100%) and noe these limitations to expand software.

    On the other hand I seem my happy IPHONE friends with much great hardware, better picture and screen quality, battery life, playlists, etc, etc.

    Apple will deserve my next try!
    That is for sure.

  3. Nils

    Go for Apple, my friend. Sure, iPhone is good peace of hardware. It is their software that sucks. If you like to be in jail and to have Jobs as your prisongard, it`s fine with iPhone. Soon you will have iOS 5 and it will probably slow down your iPhone 4 so mutch that you will have to buy a new phone and if you want to reinstall prev. IOS, Apple won`t let you…..