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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart running Mango, Windows Phone 7.5

Well this is a bit of good news for those of us running first generation Windows Phones, and should dispel any doubt that we will all receive the Mango update when it’s released, around September this year. We have known that their ore other builds, later than the 7.0.7932 build that was Nodo and an SSL update rolled in together, and of course the curious appearance of a build numbered, 7.10.7605, in the Dude WIMU application, which now shows globally, 67 phones running “Other Versions” of the OS.out of 14,595 users of the application. If those stats hold true, then over two per cent of Windows Phone users are running an early Mango build.

WMPU today dug up a couple of  instances of Mango running on current handsets, first off they picked up on Alessandro Teglia @alead, Community Program Manager for CEE and Italy Microsoft, tweeting about using Mango features on his HTC Mozart. and continues to do so.

Most useful though is the fact that he tweets about using Bing music search, and how well it works, which may give us a hint that more services work outside of the UK and US than we think.


The second is a video of the HD7 running Mango from Computex

Mango on the HD7 from Computex

Unfortunately it’s not in English, but you get the drift, we can see threaded email, and the new amalgamated xBox hub. Much more importantly here though, we can see that Microsoft have jumped the gun, and are actively testing the Windows Phone 7.??? update in it’s current form. This has to instil more user confidence, following the NoDo update fiasco, which is still playing out. Microsoft will need to offer the Mango update in a timely and smooth manner, no ifs or buts, or they will damage the market/ecosystem that they are trying to create even further. It’s also still an unknown whether they will face the same intricacies with Samsung first gen phones that they did with the NoDo update. SO it comes down to a waiting game again, we know the OS is RTM, even though it may receive a few tweaks before it hits, looks like it will play well with your current Windows Phone, and I’m excited to see what new devices it will bring.

About Peter Murphy

Peter is an avid gadget hound and owns a Tech focused site called Peterskitchen. Based in Australia Peter has a huge love of HTC devices, and has had one ever since he had the Axim x50 back in 2004. Axim x51, HTC Tytn II, HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC HD2, HTC Desire, and now the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC HD7



    • Flash is overrated and processor and memory hungry, While it ma be good for older games and sites, WP focuses on the future, html5 and css3, any conservation in processor and ram usage helps elongate battery life, and that has to be a good thing. Adobe need to move on and respond to recent changes, bring out a client that handles these newer technologies, and keep in the game. People should stop advocating for services that will be phased out

  2. I agree that Flash isn’t the best technology out there, but it’s really easy to use and develop for. It’ll be years before it is no longer used as a main component of online media.

    Android does a really good job of supporting flash. There’s no reason why Microsoft couldn’t spend a little bit of money and give consumers the full internet rather than coming up with the same lame excuse Apple has been hiding behind for 4 years.

  3. Adam

    What about custum ringtones ? I want to have a diffrent ringtone to other people on windows phone !!!

  4. You’ll be able to add edit your own ringtones once the Mango update hits, using the Zune desktop client.

  5. Elmer Fudd


    The iPhone dont support flash, WP7 dont support it. iPad dont support it. Websurfing on those devices is and are gonna skyrocket.
    A look at Google Statistics (or any other measurement tool) on a random website, will tell that the increase of mobile users are huge and significant.

    A Webmaster that doesnt relate to those facts, must either be blind or a complete utterly moron, as if will result in a early grave for his website and company.

    (and yes, im putting it right there, on the tip of the edge, so you can see it 🙂

  6. Kellygoen

    I have the htc hd7 , just did my mango updte, how can I get ringtones now??

  7. Aaron

    where do i get my mango update for htc hd7 mozart