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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Unboxing the HTC HD7

I’ve been waiting all through the long weekend, for FedEx to deliver a certain non descript box, containing my HTC HD7, and today it finally arrived. What I misidentified, was that it came with an Asian two pronged charger. Also I purchased an 8 Gb unlocked model from Mobicity, but the plastic sealed product box quotes that it has 16 Gb internal storage. So I’m slightly confused at this point. I haven’t started or set up the phone because I plan to upgrade the internal storage, micro SD card to a 32 Gb one. As random as all of that may sound it is what can happen when you are buying on what is called the grey market. The HD7 is reminiscent of the HTC HD2, with it’s 4.3” screen, and a 5 megapixel camera, dual LED flash, but it’s internals are a match for the HTC Mozart, identical in fact. View the full specs on the phone here.

I will come back with some comparison photos for you a little later but for now, enjoy the video.

The HD7 is made of high quality plastic, with a faux chrome finish, and that is what probably keeps it in a premium price range, it has the sensual plastic back, that almost feels like skin. It doesn’t feel heavy, or bulky to hand, in fact holding it felt quite natural. The screen real estate is what I’m most excited about at the moment, but I’m going to go through a process with this phone. First off and always with anew device I’m in the habit of conditioning the battery, plug it in to the charger and leave it alone for at least 12 hours. It might take some patience, but in the long run, you might get some better battery life and longevity. Meaning you won’t have to replace the battery as soon. Until I put a sim in this and connect it to Zune, I will also not know what version of the WP7 OS it is running, and I suspect that I will have to go through the update process with the phone.

This will be an ongoing story, with a user review to follow, and probably a lot more.

About Peter Murphy

Peter is an avid gadget hound and owns a Tech focused site called Peterskitchen. Based in Australia Peter has a huge love of HTC devices, and has had one ever since he had the Axim x50 back in 2004. Axim x51, HTC Tytn II, HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC HD2, HTC Desire, and now the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC HD7