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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC Sensation Release date Leaked!

HTC Sensation Release date Leaked!

This is one of those little mistakes that companies make on purpose to drum up business, and build the hype around the release of an impending device. The Sensation is probably the most anticipated Android handset, and while early release projections mentioned the end of May. An unfortunate *cough* accident has today revealed, in an AdSense ad which appears when you do a Google search for the HTC Sensation.  The text ad reveals that the HTC Sensation 4G (the verwsion that’s heading to T-Mobile USA) could be available on June 8th.

Other sooth sayers and Ouija board specialists say they already predicted the same launch date for the HTC Sensation simply by looking at the official rendering that HTC posted on their site. You’ll notice that the clock widget displays June 8th at the date.  Anyone see a pattern emerging here?

We’re not sure if June 8th is the launch date or simply when T-Mobile will allow customers to pre-order the HTC Senation.  Either way, we still have at least a month and a half before we’ll see HTC’s newest flagship device launch in the U.S. market. How many of you want to pick one of these up as soon as possible?

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