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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Hands on: HTC DROID Incredible 2

Hands on: HTC DROID Incredible 2

The HTC DROID Incredible 2 finally has an official launch date and price, but what’s more exciting (at least for me) is the demo unit HTC dropped off today.  We typically post an unboxing video for all the demo units they send us, but we decided to skip it this time around since the packaging of the handset we got was simply a plain white box and not what users will see when they purchase the DROID Incredible 2 from Verizon.

Hardware – the exterior of the HTC DROID Incredible 2 is sleek and rounded with soft-touch rubber along the back and sides.  The front of the handset is dominated by the 4-inch display with a speaker along the top and front-facing camera in the right corner.  Unlike other Android handsets, the DROID Incredible 2 does not have the capacitive buttons painted on the glad below the screen.  Instead, HTC has chosen to display the buttons only when the handset is turned on through rear illumination which also allows the buttons to rotate when the handset is held horizontally.  Overall, the Incredible 2 looks very similar to the original, but the rounded corners and lack of optical joystick do take away from the edgy look its predecessor had. 

Software – we don’t think anyone will be surprised to learn that the DROID Incredible 2 features HTC Sense, but we’re having some issues identifying what version of Sense it is actually using.  The majority of the HTC Sense features match up with HTC Sense 2.0, but the application drawer allows you to sort apps just like HTC Sense 2.5 does.  We have a feeling that once Verizon and HTC roll out Android 2.3 (the Incredible currently runs on Android 2.2.1) the phone will also get HTC Sense 2.5 with all the new social media widgets and notification bar tweaks. 

Conclusion – the HTC DROID Incredible 2 is a good phone.  It’s not going to compete with any of the dual-core phones that are already on the market, but it’s a great option if you’re in the market for a sleek new phone on Verizon’s network capable of handling most 3D games and pretty much anything you can throw at it. We’ll be testing the HTC DROID Incredible 2 for the next few weeks, so be sure to check back in for a more detailed review of the phone.

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Randy Roosekrans

    Thanks for the review. I’ve recently purchased an Incredible 2 and have found it to be a good phone for my casual, social needs. I have a couple questions:
    1) I see there is a way that I can sort my applications list alphabetically or by date (newest or oldest first). Is there no way for me to customize the order of my app list?
    2) Am I able to delete the app from my app list but not uninstall it? I’m not sure if I’m going to want to use some of these default programs later, but I do know that I don’t need 5 pages of applications before I’ve even begun adding many of my own.