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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC enables live tile functionality for HTC Hub on WP7 handsets

At the launch of their first windows Phone 7 handset, HTC promised to bring a little of the HTC Sense functionality to all their handsets. Instead, HTC delivered HTC Hub which was simply a little repository in which you could access and download HTC’s apps for Windows Phone 7.  In an effort to make HTC Hub a bit more useful, HTC has finally revamped their double-wide Start tile to include live weather updates. 

The tile now features a prominent graphic for the current weather condition along with your local temperature reading.  It may not be much, but it looks like HTC is finally catching on to the “live tile” feature that Microsoft is really trying to push on Windows Phone 7.  Let’s hope HTC keeps pushing forward with their applications on WP7 to deliver that HTC Sense-like experience to set their handsets apart from the rest of the crowd.  

Source: The Unwired

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  1. James King

    “Start tile to include live feather updates. ” Interesting feather updates (end of the first paragraph) 🙂

    • @james thanks for the correction.