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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Windows Phone 7 powered HTC PC40100 hits the FCC

In the past, FCC certification filings have always been a great source of information, but the most recent HTC handsets to show up on the commission’s website seem to lack any interesting information.  The latest handset to show up on the FCC’s site is labeled as the PC40100 and simply notes that it is a Windows Phone.  The FCC documentation show that the handset features EDGE 850/1900, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  Unfortunately that does not give us much to go off of since there’s no mention of any North American 3G bands.  We should expect the internal color of the PC40100 to be similar to the HTC HD Mini since the label is a bright yellow. The assumption is that the PC40100 will be a Windows Phone 7 handset that will be launching in Europe this fall, but we’re not exactly sure why HTC sent it over to the FCC for certification for North America.   

Source: FCC

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