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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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White HTC EVO 4G shows up at Best Buy a few days early

White HTC EVO 4G shows up at Best Buy a few days early

A few hours ago, Engadget started getting reports that the white HTC EVO 4G was making appearances at select Best Buy locations a few days early.  Now, we have a few confirmed reports of our own and images of a purchased white HTC EVO 4G have made it on to the web.  Best Buy has the exclusive selling rights on the white EVO until August, but we’re not so sure how many customers are really interested in the white version.  As we originally suspected, the white EVO isn’t fully white.  The front panel surrounding the touch screen and part of the handset’s side cover are still in the original black, making the white EVO 4G look more like a zebra than anything else.  If you asked us, we would suggest just sticking with the original black unless someone at HTC or Sprint realizes that a “white” phone needs to have more white than black on it.

Source: Engadget

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  1. Fone_Fanatic

    My gf got a call this morning saying they had it in stock, we were getting ready to head over there and 30 min later they called back saying they’re computer systems are down and wont be able to sell it to her for $199.99 for a couple of days but she can pay full price if she wants. :/ gonna head over there anyway here in a bit and see what they say in store.