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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC announces Android 2.1 for GSM Hero, coming June 4th

HTC announces Android 2.1 for GSM Hero, coming June 4th

HTC has announced that the Android 2.1 roll-out for the GSM HTC Hero will start tomorrow, June 4th. Owners of the HTC Hero have been waiting quite a long time for their Android 2.1 update. Customers in the U.S. who own the CDMA variants of the Hero have been enjoying Android 2.1 for a few weeks already. The announcement comes to us via HTC’s Taiwanese/Chinese Plurk account.

On June 4, 2010 to open up the wireless software update, the main update function as follows: Android 2.1 operating system upgrade!

System will continue to send updates prompt, when you receive a system prompt as long as you can by clicking Download or wireless network connection 3G/GPRS way to complete your phone system updates. Note: We recommend you to choose to have free Wi-Fi environment, download the update. If you are currently using 3G network, the download may have to pay the additional cost carriers, please make sure to have unlimited Internet access rates apply for rentals before use.

We appologize for the poor translation, the that’s the best Google could give us. Simply put, HTC will start rolling out Android 2.1 via an OTA. They recommend you download the update over Wi-Fi just to make sure you do not incur any additional 3G data charges. We would like to stress that this update is coming from HTC Taiwan, so there is no guarantee that the Android 2.1 update will be coming to HTC Hero owners in European markets. We’ll be sure to keep you updated tomorrow and let you know if the update actually starts pinging handsets across the globe.

Source:, thanks to @meLIanTheQuee for the tip.

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  1. George

    Will believe it when I see it…

  2. Julius

    My words exactly George!

  3. stupor

    О, как заебись

  4. anonimus

    Will believe it when install it…

  5. I think it’s a joke. Update will be available in 2015 based on Android 10.3 😉

  6. Russia wait this )

  7. папаня

    ну епте наконец то сцуки 🙂

  8. Fredwreck

    looks like most of asia now got the 2.1 OTA update but no signs of UK/Europe update has turns up yet.

  9. Cache

    Русскоязычные, ведите себя прилично. 🙂
    А по теме – беру два на выходных, себе и жене. Запарили уже рекламой коллеги. 🙂

  10. Nick

    OMG HTC this took way too long!!!! Apple will be smiling lol

  11. Asian

    I dint get one yet..

  12. AngryMobNr1

    This is ridiculus ! We all have been waiting 4 months and they f***ing keep pushing it further and further … If they knew it would take so long, then why no say that it will come out in June (if it ever will) ?? So stupid omg …

    • June 4th came and so did the update. JTC did not mention which markets it would roll the update out to first, but they did finally deliver on the promise.

  13. lisa

    I still haven’t get the update! What’s going on?

  14. Alex

    hey HTC ! I live in Switzerland I’ve bought a Hero a year ago. Still on 1.5 since. Another like this and I switch to Apple

  15. Hey HTC! I live in india,i bought a Hero a year ago.i haven’t get more updates. still I’m waiting for that.