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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Qik to charge $5 monthly fee for video calling

Qik to charge $5 monthly fee for video calling

Those of you who have been saving up the extra cash to purchase the Sprint HTC EVO 4G may be a little disappointed to hear that video calling with the new Qik application will set you back an additional $5 a month.  An image of the Sprint training documents just surfaced on AndroidGuys which reveals that the video calling feature will not be covered for the extra $10 Sprint is charging for 4G connectivity. Payment for the Qik video calling feature will be handled through PayPal which leads up be believe that Qik will be collecting that extra $5 from you, not Sprint.  Though video calling is a nice new feature coming to Android, the Qik service is not the only option out there.  Fring just added a video calling feature with Skype integration yesterday and now we’re getting word that Skype is planning on rolling out their Skype Mobile add to all Android phones and will be bringing video conferencing to mobile before the end of the year. 

So… how many of you will be willing to hand over $5 a month to Qik for a video calling feature that you might only use a few times a month?

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  1. capthr

    $5 a month they must be joking. Maybe $5 for the program… I wish them luck with that(not).

  2. spectremANDROID.

    I don’t think it’s comletely outlandish for Qik or any othet developer to seek compensation, but for my money, I’d idbetter be able to do video call, cam chat via various messengers and a host of other useful things and it had better be one helluva robust and stable app!