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HTC Source | December 16, 2017

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DROID Eris update scheduled to roll out May 11th

DROID Eris update scheduled to roll out May 11th

Here at HTC Source, we have given up on reporting any of the latest news regarding Android 2.1 updates for the HTC Hero and the DROID Eris.  All the dates we have heard have come and gone and there really has not been any credible or reliable news for a long time (or ever).  But that could all change within the next 24 hours.  MobileCrunch has posted up a screen shot from Verizon which indicated that DROID Eris owners could see their Android 2.1 update starting May 11th.   If you own an Eris, be sure to make a complete backup of  any important information on your handset since the required update will completely wipe your handset.  Since we’ve seen a lot of promised dates come and go over the past few months, we’re trying out best not to get too excited.  Just be sure to leave us a note in the comments once the update.

Source: MobileCrunch

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  1. What do your 3rd and 2nd to last sentences imply? LOL! Waiting for updates requires taking a crap!

    Please read my latest post about OS upgrades. I’m curious on your take/position.

  2. wow, that was a big typo! Thanks for pointing it out. Gotta turn off auto correction in Open Office before it starts inserting more profanity throughout the site (or I should re-read my blog posts before hitting the publish button).

  3. chris

    and still no specific date for the hero smh, always last sprint