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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 Update in “early May”

Sprint HTC Hero 2.1 Update in “early May”

For those of us with the Sprint Hero who have been waiting for an update, sweet relief is finally here. Two different sources have come up today with news on the 2.1 update we’ve been waiting for. One source is a screenshot of what appears to be an internal Sprint page stating that the 2.1 update for the Hero (and the Moment) are to be expected in “early May”.

The other source seems to confirm this. This source is a transcript of a support chat where one impatient user went straight to Sprint asking about the update that was “supposed to” come today. In the chat, the agent says that the internal updates say that users can expect a notification of the availability of an OTA update beginning the first week in May. So sit tight guys, it’s on the way.

Sources: Phandroid, AndroidGuys

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  1. Jamie

    Yet again another rumored time frame on when the update will be released. I’ve pretty much given up on when they will finally release and update. I think part of everyone’s frustration with all this is all the RUMORED Dates and time frames. All this does is get under everyone’s skin and makes them even more angered. The way I see it; if you don’t have a true date of when the release is. Keep your trap shut!!! Your just causing more grief for everyone. Unless you have definite date that isn’t going to change again! Don’t say anything!!!! We all know that both Sprint and HTC aren’t going to debunk any of the rumors flying around. Since they announced that the Hero and Moment were going to get upgraded all they have done is countered their own release times with new time and nothing more. People are TIRED of it. Leaves a really bad taste in your mouth when it comes to the words Sprint or HTC.

  2. A.J.

    Doubt it. Probably get pushed back again, just like the European version.