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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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European Hero won’t get 2.1 update until June

European Hero won’t get 2.1 update until June

So for any of our readers that have a European/GSM Hero, it looks like you will have to wait until June to receive your 2.1 update. This was announced at a Google event marking the launch of Google Maps in the UK. There was no reason given for this delay, and the only details given were that users will receive a patch to prepare the device for the update, followed by the actual update shortly after.

The only questions I have are these: Why such a long wait, if the CDMA/Sprint Hero is supposedly getting the update within a few weeks? And why will the phone require two updates? I’m not sure, but most of the comments I’ve seen shows users that haven’t already resorted to other versions of Android or gotten different phones aren’t very happy about this. Even the bloggers’ negative attitudes can be found in their posts. Do any of our readers want to provide their opinions?

Sources: Phandroid, IntoMobile

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  1. Fredrik

    The OTA client in the EU Hero is probably outdated and will therefore be updated first.
    There’s a lot of speculation going on about the delay, mostly about that HTC haven’t sold enough of the Legend and Desire wich comes with 2.1 pre-installed.

  2. Arthur

    Now they have let it slip till after the launch of the Legend and Desire, HTC created a no-win situation for itself. If it releases 2.1 now, Hero owners will not have a reason to switch to Legend / Desire. If it releases 2.1 later, Hero owners will get more and more annoyed at HTC and will look elsewhere (Samsung, Motorola, SE or *gasp* Apple).

    In the end, it will only cost HTC, both in terms of money – the update is supposed to be free of charge – and of public image.

    For the record, I use my unmodified EU Hero every day, and at the moment it does what it is supposed to do. In the coming year however more and more new or updated apps will become incompatible with Android 1.5, and for that reason I’m looking forward to the update.

  3. Michael

    I have an HTC Hero CDMA, I wouldn’t say I am not happy with the phone because the phone is great. However I am really annoyed with HTC and its not even the fact that we haven’t received the update yet, its the fact that they keep saying we are going to get it and yet it still hasn’t come. They have been saying they’re updating the phone since November of last year. 2.1 is great but right now I would settle for 2 just because I want to be able to use turn by turn navigation with maps, google earth, and all the other 2.0+ only apps that I cannot use. If HTC doesn’t want to hurry up they should just release the update directly from google and forget the sense UI, because to be quite honest I rather be able to use all the apps I want to have and have an updated phone then have sense.

  4. musta

    +1 on the speculation concerning Legend and Desire sales…

    Really no other reason around… Samsung and Motorola have already updated as long as i know…

  5. Jeremy

    I also think, that the OTA is the main issue and the cause of double update. But the policy of HTC with delaying and missing updates (1.6, 2.0 and 2.0.1) is denying of the very heart Android philosophy. This company does everything to make sure that even its greatest fans would sold their really great phones with very poor support and go somewhere else. Personally I think that my next android phone will be one of new Dell’s (Thunder or Flash). :/

  6. Brian Baldwin

    have a CDMA Hero from Sprint. Last week I exchanged emails with “”, or at least a staff member. And I spoke with someone from that customer service division on the phone. Sprint apologized for all of false starts and rumors. However, the official word is that “2.1 will be released sometime this summer, possibly as early as May”.

    I rooted my device and am extremely pleased with Android 2.1. The Hero finally does everything that was promised when I bought it last October, no thanks to Sprint or HTC. Thanks to the xda team!


  7. Hello June! Still no more info ;/

  8. I bet my luck it will come at the end of the month. For no reason what so ever!!!!