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HTC Source | January 17, 2018

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Take control of your ringtones with Ringo Pro

If you’re looking for a way to take complete control over your Android phone’s ringtones, look no further! Ringo Pro now allows you to personalize call and sms alerts on your handset so that you’ll never have to look at your phone again to know who a message or call is coming from. Think of Ringo Pro as the ultimate utility to merge your contacts with your music/audio library to capture their character or how you feel about them.

On the main screen of the app, Ringo allows you to set the default ring and sms tones for the handset. Simply select which notification you want and then you’ll be presented with the option to choose between the music on your Android handset or the default ringtones. This comes in quite hands for me since I use a lot of custom ROMs that have had default ringtones stripped out to save on memory.

If you want to set up a specific ringtone for a contact, tap the Contacts tab at the top of the screen and make your selection. You’ll be presented with many of the same option that are on the app’s home screen and a few more. You can select a default ringtone or MP3 for that contact, choose to send them directly to voicemail, set an sms tone, or even change the default LED color or vibrate settings to be specific for that contact.

It would take another 1000 words or so to go through all the details of what you can change and customize. But why read about it when you can do it on your own? I definitely recommend heading over to the Android Market and downloading a copy of Ringo Pro. Yes, there are other apps on the market that do similar things, but all the ones I have tested don’t even come close to the customization options offered by Ringo Pro.

Ringo Pro Website

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