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HTC Source | August 27, 2016

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Official press shots of HTC Legend posted early by KPN - HTC Source

Official press shots of HTC Legend posted early by KPN

One of our readers just sent up a little tip, revealing that KPN (a telecom provider in the Netherlands) has plans on releasing the HTC Legend. KPN has put up a few images and is willing to keep you updated on release information if you are willing to hand over your contact information. HTC has not yet officially announced the handset, but it looks like rumors have turned into reality. KPN has also uploaded a few different shots of the handset, though we are a bit disappointed at the low resolution images.
The specs for the HTC Legend listed on the KPN website are below. The HTC Legend will be released on KPN in March, though pricing information is still unknown at this point. 

If I was HTC, I’d be a little pissed right now.  It’s one thing if someone catches a glimpe of a new phone in the wild.  There’s no excuse to put up pictures and specs on a website before the handset is launched.  That’s what blogs are for!

Thanks for the tip Jeff!


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