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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Images of HTC Legend surface with Sense and Android 2.1

Images of HTC Legend surface with Sense and Android 2.1

Things form HTC seem to be heating up a little these days.  Engadget has just gotten their hands on the first live images of the HTC Legend.  The images look spot on to what we first saw back in early December.  According to our documents, the HTC Legend will feature a 600MHz processor,  1300mHa, 5MP camera with LED flash, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, inside a “revolutionary metallic frame.”  Similar to the HTC Bravo, the Legend also sports an optical joystick rather than a trackball.  We’re not 100% certain, but the icons on the home screen imply that the HTC Legend it running on Android 2.1 with HTC Sense. 

It’s nice to see what HTC has in the works, but I’m a bit disappointed that we’re not seeing the Espresso build of HTC Sense.  The ROM build was leaked back in December and a lot of people were expecting it to be the Android 2.1 Sense facelift.

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  1. Mattg

    Eh? 600Mhz? My G1 is 550+Mhz. Why not the 1Ghz snapdragon?

    • HTC is probably trying to create multiple Android phones for different segments of the market. The HTC Legend should be a lower end handset and should come it at a cheaper price point as well. If you want performance you’ll probably opt for the Bravo or the Incredible. Android 2.1 should be faster than Android 1.6 so a 10% boost in processing power should be enough for those who simply want an Android phone and are not interested in having the speed and power of snapdragon.

  2. Ugly. Why do HTC make beautiful WinMo handsets but fuck ugly Android handsets? Odd.

  3. Ugly.

  4. ToBHo

    I totally agree with “Lee Casey”. Look at the HD2 and compare both. Beside the better equipment in the HD2 it even looks more more beautiful 🙂

  5. k

    wow what’s with that bump fucking ugly