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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC Legend and Desire up for pre-sale, ship date set for April 12

HTC Legend and Desire up for pre-sale, ship date set for April 12

By now, we have all read up on the new HTC Legend and HTC Desire which were announced yesterday morning. A few carriers in Europe have signed up to launch the new handsets, but we have been waiting to find out how much these devices would cost and when they will be available to purchase. Thanks to the guys over at, the wait is now over. Both the HTC Legend and HTC Desire are available for pre-order on the Expansys site with an expected ship date of April 12th. On the U.S. site, the HTC Legend is listed for $619.99 and the HTC Desire is selling for $689.99 which is just slightly lower that the £399.99 and £449.99 respectively on the UK site.

Currently, only the UK site is listing a ship date for the HTC Desire and Legend. We’re waiting to get confirmation from them if the U.S. handset would be shipping on April 12th as well. The pricing on Expansys is typically right in the middle of what HTC handsets typically sell for. We can expect to see prices for both the Desire and Legend drop 5-10% when they go on sale through other websites.

HTC Legend pre-order
HTC Desire pre-order

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  1. Kyle C.

    no carrier in U.S would love to carry this superphone?

  2. Emad

    Also listed on expansys china, same release date April 12th, CNY3,975 (US$581) for Legend, CNY4,285 (US$626) for Desire

  3. L.Outlandos

    does the desire really record 720p videos? didn’t find any info on that on the htc website…

  4. TheGerman

    Expasys Germany lists it as available on April 5th and costin EUR 499 (USD 683.36 according to oanda).

  5. Jim.Liu

    Oops. I can’t afford it.

  6. brandon. G.

    HTC is much more than ” Quietly Brillian”. They are flat out brilliant! Everyone is seeing it, and the buzz over their phones are anything but quiet.

    I don’t know why it is taking so long for the likes of AT&T and Verizon to get this end of HTC phones. Well, I get AT&T not getting it yet. They just renewed the Apple contract for both the iPhone and now the upcoming iPad. Introducing an HTC product of this calibur (Hero, Desire, Legend) would seriously endanger the sales of the iPhone. Now calm down iloyalsts. I had an iPhone that i LOVED dearly, and still miss. Long story short, it broke after the year warranty. After much research HTC has really raised the bar. For a company to make so many phones, having more broad a spectrum to the levels of phones than carmakers today… and the high end are still HIGH end wihtout suffering on the “basic” models.
    I love my MAC and I loved my iPhone, but for the iphone… 3G or 3Gs, it’s all the same… 1 option. iPhone or no iPhone.
    I have been with the same carrier for over 3 years after my displeasure with my previous provider. I would leave my current phone company and go with the old one for either the Desire or Legend. I was tempted to do so for the Hero. (there’s a hint for you on the “phone proveder”).
    Side note, do not be fooled… just because Orange picks up a phone in the UK, does not mean AT&T will bring it state side.

  7. Hoang

    is HTC Desire good mobile phone? i’m going to find a new phone and really interested in it. could you suggest me?