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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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HTC Sense gets rolled out to the HTC Magic in Europe

HTC Sense gets rolled out to the HTC Magic in Europe

Back in August for 2009, we reported that HTC would be rolling out HTC Sense to the Magic by October of last year.  HTC did keep their promise, but a lot of customers felt a little cheated since HTC started rolling out the ROM update only in select markets.  Surprisingly, HTC Brazil was the first country to get the HTC Magic with Sense already built in. 

Finally, it appears that HTC is rolling out HTC Sense to all Magic owners in Europe.  However, if you have a rooted phone or are running Android 1.6, you might want to hold off on the update.  From what we can tell, the HTC Magic Sense update ROM Version:3.05.401.3 is running on Android 1.5.  This is most likely a deal breaker for those who have been waiting for Android 2.x for the past few months.  But for the casual Android user who could care less about the latest and greatest version of Android, the Sense update will magically transform your HTC Magic into a more beautiful and useful handset. 

If you plan on flashing the new update to your handset, keep in mind that it will completely erase all of your data.  Make sure you sync all your contacts and email with your Google account or download one of the many backup apps from the market to save everything to you memory card.

HTC Magic Sense update ROM Version:3.05.401.3

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  1. JA

    So is for Europe only? ?what about if us in USA

  2. ScubaPete

    Not for everyone in Europe either. HTC page rejects the S/N of my Vodafone portugal Magic.

  3. blade

    Actually no one in Europe can download this rom from HTC.Mine s\n is rejected too,32a Nordic.

  4. dilberto

    S/N Not recognised either (UK Vodafone/Google). What part of Europe is covered I wonder? Lichtenstein?

  5. Vaka

    Sense is not being rolled out in Spain ( Vodafone), neither android 2.0. Are we being left alone by phone companies?

  6. Heksesang

    Seeing this official rom is available on the internet, some part of the world must surely had access to this rom? :S

  7. It appears as though this update is for unlocked HTC branded devices ONLY. If you have a Magic which was purchased with a carriers name on the front, you have to wait for the carrier for an update.

  8. Catalin

    S/N not recognised (Romania Vodafone/Google)