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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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TouchFLO 3D 2.6 shows why HTC Leo will need Snapdragon

Yesterdays pictures of the HTC Leo gave us quite a bit to chew on. The incredibly beautiful 4.3 inch screen and a 1024 MHz Qualcomm 8250B Snapdragon processor are two icon features that will make the HTC Leo outshine most other Windows Mobile handsets. But I’m imagining that many of you might be a little baffled as to why HTC chose such a powerful processor on a Windows Mobile handset. The truth is, there are not that many resource intensive apps on the Windows Mobile platform. The Leo will be running on the latest and greatest Windows Mobile 6.5 release, but that still does not justify a jump from a 528 MHz processor to 1024 MHz. I couldn’t figure this one out until I happened upon the video from you see above. Apparently, they got their hands on an early release of the HTC Leo ROM built with the latest TouchFLO 3D 2.6 back in August and loaded it onto an HTC HD. What you’re about to see in nothing short of amazing. Probably the coolest feature of TouchFLO 3D has always been the weather tab on the interface. The animated graphics have always been beautiful, but now HTC has taken the weather from simply being a tab on the UI and has made it the entire background. TouchFLO 2.6 has also received substantial tweaks to the calendar, music, albums, and Footprints tabs. You’ll notice that the UI in the video is quite laggy. The Touch HD is running a Qualcomm® MSM 7201A™ 528 MHz processor which just over half the processing power that the HTC Leo is expected to have.

Is it just me or are Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets looking a lot more attractive these days?


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