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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC Leo startup sequence reveals exterior design

Last Friday, we were treated to a few renderings of the HTC Leo. At the time, we were not 100% certain that the images were authentic, but a new leaked HTC Leo ROM has been able to clear a few things up for us. The video above shows the startup sequence of the HTC Leo which depicts a 3D animation of the handset and how to insert the SIM card. Not many details can be seen in the animation, but from the looks of it, things match up pretty closely to the images from last week. p>

As noted in the video, the keyboard tutorial is reminiscent of the one found of the Android powered HTC Hero. Right at the end you’ll also notice that the TouchFLO 3 UI has been tweaked quite a bit, adding in icons and the widget looks from the Sense UI.

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