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HTC Source | January 22, 2018

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HTC Twitter Updates

It’s not every day that HTC sends out a new Tweet. Today… they sent out three already. Rather than telling you what they tweeted, I’ll just share their tweets with you. As we were putting in HTC’s tweets, three more popped up. From the looks of it, HTC is planning on using their new Mac twitter desktop client quite a bit. If you want to keep up with all the chatter you can find them on Twitter @HTC

15:40 For those asking about Touch Pro2 in the US. We have said it will be broadly available here, however we can’t announce more just yet.
15:44 The HTC Magic is just starting to ship. We can’t say when of if it is coming to chine, new zealand, or your town. but it might be!
15:45 can you tell HTC got a new desktop client for twitter today? here’s hoping we’ll be a chattier bunch from now on.
15:59 for those asking about a new desktop client, it’s a desktop not mobile. We can’t have our phones buzzing all the time with your Qs


UPDATE: We sent HTC a tweet asking them what phones they are currently using. Apparently the HTC Snap and the Magic are the phone of choice (at least for those who are keeping an eye on the HTC Twitter account).


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