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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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T-Mobile losing internet plans for G1 customers

T-Mobile losing internet plans for G1 customers

T-Mobile internet problems

T-Mobile has been experiencing some technical difficulties with their G1 customers today. When customers signed up to pre-order the G1, they were required to sign up for a data plan ass well. It turns out though that they decided to give everyone a "free trial" period of T-Mobile new 3G network. The free trial period expired today and customer’s accounts should have automatically switched over to the data plans that they selected when they purchased the phones. Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as T-Mobile expected. G1 customers are reporting that their 3G and edge internet connections are not working.

I experienced the same thing right around noon today. I checked my account online and found that there was no data plan associated with my account. A quick call T-Mobile customer support and they were able to add my data plan back onto my account, but it seems that customers who have had the data plan dropped from their account could wait up to 48 hours until the internet connection starts working again.

Have you lost your internet connection on your G1?

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