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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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T-Mobile Germany to launch G1?

T-Mobile Germany to launch G1?

T-Mobile G1 Germany
We all know that the U.K. will be the next market to get their hands on the G1 this year. But who’s in line after them. T-Mobile is the smallest of the national carriers in the U.S. but they are by far the largest global cell phone provider. And since they are based in Germany, it only seems fair that our friend on the other side of the Atlantic get a chance to get their finger prints all over the G1’s glossy screen. At the moment, the only thing we are basing this educated guess on is the Android roadmap (which yesterday revealed that a virtual keyboard is on the works). According to the document, a German localized version of Android will be ready some time before the end of the year. There’s no guarantee that the G1 will be hitting the streets of Germany before January 1, 2009, but keep in mind that only 3 months ago there were rumors that the G1 would not even launch this year. Anything is possible with Google!

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