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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Orange to make HTC Touch Diamond their flagship media phone

HTC Touch Diamond from OrangeOrange is the latest carrier to pick up the HTC Touch Diamond.  It seems they have some exclisive features that they will be offering on their version of the Diamond.  Orange announced that they have worked closely with HTC in order to integrate some of their best network services into the Diamond (most likly integrating them into touchFLO 3D).  Orange will be offering Orange Photo, Orange Music, Orange Downloads, and Orange TV. 

Users will be able to share their pictures online, download music on the go, download 3D games and apps directly to their Diamond, and stream live TV.  The HTC Touch Diamond release date has not yet been set by Orange, but we can expect somethign around the  middle of July like most other European carriers.

Orange Photo lets users to share photos with online communities via an instant upload facility. Users can automatically upload photos from their device album to an online album of their choice.


Orange Music lets customers manage their music easily in a single place. The Orange Music store provides access to more than one million tracks for over-the-air download and customers can manage their complete music library via their mobile or PC

Orange Downloads delivers all new content, such as 3D games, ringtones and wallpapers, directly to the handset, making it easily viewable before purchase and providing an instant link to the download.


Orange TV includes instant access to the biggest selection of live mobile TV channels (up to 61) and over 3,000 videos. For an improved experience viewing Orange is planning to introduce HDTV services starting from this year.

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