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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC Touch Diamond dock allows charge, sync, and music all at once

HTC Touch Diamond

Many of you have already seen the official press shot of the HTC Touch Diamond's cradle.  Now a few more details have surfaced.  thew cradle will alow you to sync and charge your Touch Diamond through mini usb while you listen to your music.  No the cradle does not have its own speakers like those other iPhone and iPod docks do, but it does feature a 3.5MM back which will allow you to connect it to your home media system.  For $50, the dock will be launching at the same time as the Touch Diamond.  This is exciting simply because HTC has never really has an accessory category for their phones over the years.  Lets just home this will spark interest from other companies to add on to the line and give us some amazing accessories that will be worthy of the Diamond's design.

The HTC Touch Diamond release date is set for June along with price of $772

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