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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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Smartphone marketshare war of 2008: iPhone vs. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry

Smartphone Marketshare

It seems like 2007 has been a year of great progress and setbacks for Windows Mobile devices. At the start of the year, Windows Mobile devices were in a solid second place in the smartphone market in the U.S. unfortunately things changed a little when Apple launched the iPhone half way through the year. With only about six months under their belt, Apple has pushed their way into second place with the iPhone.

A lot of people will debate that the iPhone is not a real smartphone since it lacks somekey features, Microsoft has come to realize that their products need to have something new is order to stay competative. We all know that competition will only bring some great innovation to the Windows Mobile platform. Lets hope we can see some of this innovation in 2008 and gain back some market share.

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